Babylon Podcast: Show #1

Welcome to Show #1!

Call this a slightly longer intro show, where the three of us tell you a little bit about ourselves. Tim and I get into some of the reasons why Babylon 5 drew us in and kept us hooked, while Jeffrey tells us about some of the guests you can expect to hear us chatting with in future shows.


  1. Ben Hall (UK) says

    Well, im really excited now. Cant wait for future episodes. While i found the discussion over digital distribution interesting, there was only a slight link to B5. I need more B5 chat, lol. Found it very interesting though and i know the show will only get better. Looking forward to chat about particular shows and lots of behind the scenes stuff as well as guests from the show. Bring on show 2!

  2. Rob from Knoxville says

    more, more, more.
    Great show. I’ve been looking for a B5 podcast since this past summer (no pun intended, Ms Brooks). You have really got me excited about B5 all over again. I reaaly got excited when you said that Legend of the Rangers was coming to dvd. Yea.
    Can’t wait till next wekks podcast. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Christopher Franke. I have way too many (and not enough) B5 soundtracks. You know the ones.

  3. Chris Patterson says

    I agree with Ben — the conversation on digital distribution got a little too far off topic, I think. I thought I was listening to Engadget there for a moment! 🙂 Surely, there are enough pent-up B5 things to talk about!

    As for what I would like to hear:

    1. A discussion of the various other B5-related media: comics, short stories (published in magazines but never collected in a book), the Mongoose RPG, and the novels.

    2. A discussion of the ramifications of the 3 novel trilogies. Are they considered canon? If so, what does it mean for future stories?

    3. I’d love to hear from some folks at Warner Bros. who are actually in charge of the care and handling of B5. Is anything going on?

    In general, I think what this podcast can do is keep B5 alive in the minds of folks in Hollywood and in fandom. I still hope we can look forward to new stories set in this universe someday.

  4. One more thing — in episode #1, you mentioned a forum? Am I missing something? I can’t find it, unless you were simply referring to these comments…

  5. Chris, this is the forum – at least for now. Yes, the digital distribution discussion strayed a bit from the B5 universe, but then again, B5 has been at the forefront of new technologies during its lifetime. And I blame Jeffrey. He brought it up.

  6. Ben Hall (UK) says

    Ive just been catching up with all things JMS. Notice that he suposedly has a new B5 related graphic novel in the pipeline and info or talk over this would be great. I would really like to heard more about the future of B5, I think it still has life in it. On a side note i watched LOTR for the first time on DVD (over here in the UK it has already been released) and was a little let down. It seamed to lack the gritty nature of B5. It deffinately had potential though and its not being picked up as a series was criminal. The death of TMOS is also a great shame and lets not forget the cancellation of Crusade just before things were really gonna kick off. It seams B5 has had its fair share of false starts in reacent years, i guess that shows the luck that went into B5 airing and completing a full five seasons. I still want more though.

  7. Christopher Franke, what a great guest to arrange. The music made the show so much more powerful. Sounds like a wonderful line-up is in store for us, outstanding!

    Another area to cover would be the fan activities, in particular the Lurkers Guide, this site made the show significantly more enjoyable for me with the episode synopsis, discussions, and JMS inputs. Who was behind this, what can they share about the history.

    I also assume you will also address the rest of the B5 universe, such as Crusade and the writen but unproduced scripts. Where was this story line going to take us.

    BTW Chris, the 3 book trilogies I believe are considered canon. If memory serves me, JMS was involved in the story development in significant way.

  8. Greg

    the three trilogies were written from outlines provided by JMS. They are considered canon.

    There were also nine earlier novels written that slotted into the B5 story, but weren’t necessarily based on events seen in the show. The quality of these are at best uneven, so I’m told- I tried the first one, “Voices”, and it was so awful I didn’t even finish reading it. They were at one point considered canon as well, but JMS was appalled at the quality of the first seven. He stepped in and gave guidance to the writers of the next two (one of whom is his wife). For the trilogies, he provided detailed outlines.

    And yes, we’re looking to get the writers of those trilogies on the show, especially (for me) Greg Keyes. His Psi Corps books are outstanding.

  9. Bert Singels (Netherlands) says

    Had a few comments but they’ve been mentioned in the comments above, so no need to go into that again.

    Loved The Show… Keep up the good work 😀

    Can’t wait for show number 2.

  10. Tim and Greg,

    I realized right after posting my comment about forums that I had indeed mis-heard Summer. Sorry!

    Re: the trilogies — I loved reading them, and certainly look forward to any more novels that might come in the future that are treated with as much care. I know they are considered canon generally, and the outlines were approved by JMS, but the events of the Technomage trilogy in particular seem to generate some controversy among fans. You cannot watch Crusade the same way after reading it. Which is why I think it is worth discussing…

    As for the earlier novels, I’ve only read the two also considered canon (“To Dream in the City of Sorrows”, and “The Shadow Within”) because the others have been so universally panned.

    As for other topics of discussion I’d like to hear about — now that JMS is producing the script books, full of lots of juicy behind-the-scenes tidbits, it would be fun to hear comments on those stories from other members of the cast and crew…

  11. First of all, really enjoyed the podcast, I eagerly await the next one!

    Regarding content for future podcasts, I too would be interested to hear from people involved in the CG/design aspects of the show. At a time when anything remotely sci fi looked like (at best) a poor imitation of Star Wars this clearly stood out as something special, and had more than a small influence on my choice of career. Of course, any discussion relating to the possibility of any future TV or films set in the B5 universe would also be welcome.

    I’ve just had the pleasure of rewatching B5 from the start for the first time since it was broadcast in the UK (another Brit here!) and it is quite simply (for my tastes at least) the finest story ever commited to television.

  12. Good first show/second pilot. I’m looking forward to the next episode. Keep up the good work!

  13. I was a member of GEnie way back before the World Wide Web, and there were many science fiction authors there because they received free accounts, I think. Rob Sawyer, Mike Resnick, David Gerrold, etc. And Michael J. Strazinski was also a member and this was around the time he was pitching Babylon 5. His enthusiasm was infectious (and for good reason as it turned out). I remember how the fact that he had the whole series planned as a five season arc seemed quite novel at the time.

    Those were great times to be a SciFi fan because not only could you interact with your favorite authors as you can now, you also got to see them interact among themselves.

  14. Great show Guys!

    2006 could be “The Year of Change” to borrow a line form the show. B5 could be the catylyst for the return of some “good” science fiction based shows, in some form to rejuvinate the fans, and the genre’ itself. Now wether those shows are created by fans, networks, or studios is yet to be seen, but I think that we’re all going to see a huge change in the way we view Sci-Fi fom now on.

    Summer mentioned a couple of shows that “came out of the sand, and withered away” Earth 2, and Space: Above and Beyond were 2 of these shows that were lost, and in all honesty, these shows weren’t really given the chance to form. However B5, was the catalyst for Sci-Fi in general to stand up, and take notice of the genre. And I think that above everything was the biggest reason I was, and still am a huge fan of the show.

    Can’t wait for more guys!

  15. Scott Warren says

    Great show! Great topics! As Summer says, there’s a lot of “stuff” in your heads about the show and I’d love to hear more!

  16. There is a hole in my mind, though…

  17. Lee Goodman says

    Hi all

    I hope that eventually there will be a generic forum and not just show comment areas.

    Things I would like to see on this podcast.

    1. Review of one B5 episode each podcast. Do them in order, starting with the Pilot. With 5 years of episodes, you won’t run out of content for awhile. You could have it at the end of the podcast and put out a spoiler alert for B5 newbies.
    2. Discuss how B5 was one of the first “Internet” driven shows. How JMS would comment on production and show notes. That one of the Earthforce crusiers was named after a popular B5 website (Hyperion, the site is still there, though it moved from to
    3. Discussion about how JMS made this a very efficent show to produce. The sets where designed to be be very flexable in their use. Computer CGI ships cut down on the cost of model building and shooting. Chris Franke scores where done virtually. The Orchestra was in LA , while he conducted and recorded it elsewhere.

    Looking forward to future podcasts


    Lee Goodman
    (Lee from Boston on Dragonpage shows)

  18. Not to worry, Lee.

    Episode and series discussion is imminent.

  19. Bless you. What a brilliant execution of a great idea.

    Personally, I still eagerly await my next email from the B5JMS list, where JMS’ newsgroup posts are redistributed to fans. It’s good to see what he’s up to.

    I’d love to hear more stories about the real people who worked on the show. I know they must have great stories, it was quite a unique bunch working on it.

    Good luck on #2!

  20. One idea I had for future shows is a discussion of individual ‘threads’ that ran through the entire series. As all fans know the show as a whole had a four, I mean five year arc, but there are plenty of smaller threads that run through long parts of the show. Most of them are probably character based, e.g. G’kar going from the bad guy who supports raiders to a strong supporter of the Light, etc.

    There could also be one on ships, how our main characters first have just the station’s fighters, and shuttles, then at one point Delenn has Mimbari cruisers at her disposal, then of course the White Star’s. Plus the shadow/human hybrid ships later on.

    The rebellion against Earth could be one thread. We have tidbits here and there in the first season ending with the President’s assassination, then Night Watch, etc.

    Each discussion could touch on major turning points of the thread and which episode(s) they occurred in.

    Anyway, it’s great to hear new discussion about B5 and here’s hoping it leads to more new B5 in any media.

  21. Lee Goodman says

    Also, for discussion, a question that has bothered me for years.

    When the character of Jeffery Sinclair was replaced by John Sheridan, was that intentional by JMS, and part of the original plot line (and the follow on link between Sinclair the Minbari) or was JMS pressured by the studios for the replacement and JMS just did a masterful job of changing the plotline to match the new characters?

    Or to put it another way, was it always JMS’s intention dump Sinclair and then bring him back for the big Minbari/Human revelation?

    Lee Goodman

  22. Lee Goodman says

    By the way, when B5 was on , I was working for the Ziff Davis Publishing company and helped manage their computer and network systems. The rule of the day was the admin of a system could name it whatever they liked. Most of the orgininal systems in computer room had Tolkien names. When I got my chance, I had computer systems named after B5 homeworlds.

    I had Z’ha’dum, Minbar, Narn, etc. The operations staff had a particluarly hard time trying to prounounce Z’ha’dum. Especially when I would get a call in 2 in the morning when the system went down

    I managed to turn most of the support staff into lurkers. We had the B5 MicroMachines on our cubes and passed around that weeks episode on video tape (because it was always on weird times and different channels)

    Ahh, the memories

    Keep up the good work.

    Lee Goodman

  23. A friend of mine set up a Linux box as a Quake Arena server, and that box was named zhadum.

    Do not try the patience of sysadmins, for they are subtle, and have root access.

  24. My G4 at home is named Babylon 5, and the partition I had set up to run OS 9 is called EarthDome.

    Lee- to your question about Sinclair and Sheridan, it’s a bit complicated – and I’m sure we’ll cover it when we get to “Chrysalis” and “Points of Departure”. In a nutshell – yes to everything you asked, and no as well. (Jeffrey’s not here, so I get to be the Vorlon on this one.)

  25. Lee Goodman says

    In a nutshell – yes to everything you asked, and no as well. (Jeffrey’s not here, so I get to be the Vorlon on this one.)

    That was just plain cruel!!!


    Understading is a Three Edged Sword!