Babylon Podcast #7: Bruce Boxleitner / Soul Hunter (Season 1)

Welcome to Show #7!

Interview: Bruce Boxleitner (“Captain John Sheridan”)

Bruce Boxleitner

Bruce Boxleitner joins us this week to talk about how it was for him to step into a major role in an already established series, plus his recollections of the series, and of dear friends now passed on.

He invokes many fond memories of just a few of the things that made John Sheridan and Babylon 5 special for us all.

Next, after a tangent into formulaic Vorlon spinoff possibilities, Tim, Summer and Jeffrey talk about “Soul Hunter”. Jeffrey raises concerns as to why there was no Vorlon in this episode.

Since every other alien race seemed to be as terrified of the soul hunters as they were of the Vorlons, it raises a question as to why we didn’t get a Vorlon perspective on what the soul hunters do. And possibly what would happen in a Celebrity Deathmatch.

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  1. Fantastic show! I can’t wait until Wednesday rolls around so that I can hear what new podcast has been posted. Listening to Bruce talk about the show and his relationship with the other actors on the show was marvelous. He is always full of wonderful stories and I hope that you will be able to have him back again so that he can share more of the fun experiences he had on the show.

    Now that AOL is making Babylon 5 available on broadband, I hope that a new batch of Babylon 5 fans will hit the airwaves. It is still the best SciFi show ever made!


  2. Hi folks – I’m calling this in as a comment but in case they don’t use it:

    Little piece of trivia involving a Babylon 5 Easter egg in an un-expected place.

    You need to get the DVD of the 2004 Day of the Dead remake – remember I said it was un-expected.

    Go to the extras and watch the simulated News Cast, all the way to the end.

    It’s only about 10 mins.

    Be ready to smile – then to smile again.


  3. Silly Marc – DAWN OF THE DEAD remake – not Day of the Dead – sheesh.

  4. Just had to add a gimme:

    Trading Koshes: Meet Your New Vorlon

  5. Celebrity Deathmatch? Wouldn’t happen. Soul Hunters aren’t the type to get in the squared circle. They would be the fans in the ringside seats screaming “KILL HIM!”

  6. Great show. Great interaction. Saw Bruce and Yancy Butler and the lifetime show Double Cross. Not my usual cup of double fat, I brought my own syurp, mocha latte, but nice to see the both of them all the same.

  7. Nigel in Melbourne says

    Great ‘cast really enjoyed the conversation between the B5 team and Bruce.

  8. Chris Patterson says

    Hey! Woo-hoo! I made the podcast! 🙂

    FYI everyone — I’ve offered to pony up for one volume of the script books — anyone else want to match my offer?

  9. This episode was great. I loved the information you gleaned from Bruce and the insights into his relationships with the rest of the cast. I which you had gone more into when his wife came on to play Anna, I’m curious how that all played out. One of the things I’ll like to hear you get into with future members of the cast are questions like what they liked about their roles as these characters, what challenges they felt they faced, and what they felt most proud of in their performances. Oh and as a side note, maybe the script was written wrong, but I remember a Bruce flubbed line. Go check out “Comes the Inquisitor”, when he confronts Sebastian he refers to the murders in London, and his lips say “West” End while the voiceover dub is “East”. I know it’s small, but I’m a B5 whore.

    Hey, can we establish a forum or maybe email you guys questions before you discuss episodes? Since we know the order of episodes, I’d really like to send in comments I’d like your triumvirate to address during the show, rather than after.


  10. Jonathan, you’re another person who’s mentioned a forum. The problem is, right now Summer’s busy with all sorts of production work, I’m busy with other side projects (and being a dad) and Jeffrey’s… well, God works in mysterious ways, but He’s a con man compared to the Vorlon.

    So the upshot is we don’t have a lot of time to devote to a separate forum. We’ll see how the future plays out.

  11. Children and a career, how can that be more important than a podcast about a decade old tv show! Heh, I understand. If nothing else I may start emailing pre-discussion questions if you don’t mind keeping an eye out.

  12. This was a good interview! There’s one thing you may want to bring up in future podcasts with people like Bruce or other main/reoccurring characters like Wayne Alexander is that many years ago Sierra was making a Babylon 5 computer game. The game was to include new video of the cast for the storyline, but it was canceled. However, footage was indeed shot and probably never will be released. This stuff probably was so little of a blip that they probably don’t especially remember it.

    The mistake in “Comes the Inquisitorâ€? is the result of the writer. In a moment of grand stupidity he wrote “East” even though he knew the murders happened on the west side of London. Bruce read what was on the script, and then jms realized his mistake after the episode was in the can. He at first thought it would hurt the performance to loop the correction then he did it and that’s what you are seeing.

    Go to either for the archived message or the Lurkers Guide and look up this episode to read it in his own words.

  13. For some reason, I can’t seem to download this file… maybe it’ll reappear soon.

  14. For your vorlon merchandising: The DIY At-Home Gills Kit!

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