Babylon Podcast #9: Ken Yakkel / Infection (Season 1)

Welcome to Show #9!

Interview: Ken Yakkel, B5 Crew Dolly Grip (3 seasons)

Peter Jurasik, Ken Yakkel

Ken Yakkel joins us, and shares his memories of being on set and framing many of the shots that made Babylon 5 so memorable for fans and viewers. He also updates us on some original scripts of his that are making their way through the studio system.

Next, Tim and Summer chat briefly about “Infection”, wondering how a substandard Star Trek: Next Generation episode made it into the mix. Granted, it was the first episode to complete production, and JMS was feverish when he wrote it, but… nah, we still can’t defend this episode.

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  1. I think when I very first watched Infection (when it first aired here in UK, not sure when that was) I did worry B5 was going to be a “monster of the week” type program. I’m glad I stuck it out and it goes to show you can never judge a series by it’s first few episodes alone.

    Great podcast guys, keep up the good work. I’m so glad I’m not the only one that still watches B5.

  2. “Infection” introduced the “questionable actions” by EarthGov when the “alien artifacts” were confiscated. Since we later learn that 1,000 years ago was the last Shadow War, and that EarthGov was studying Shadow Technology, is it too much of a stretch that they’d look into the Ikarran artifacts that drove the Shadows from their world?

    But yeah, this episode is one of the weakest ones

  3. “Their world” is referring to the Ikarra, not Z’ha’Dum

  4. Dave, there’s no indication that the Shadows were the invaders Franklin mentions in his Brief History of Ikarra. But then again, there’s no indication that they weren’t, either.

    On the other hand, when you think about, for example, the monster in the dark that haunts Amis in “The Long Dark”, it’s possible that the Ikarrans may have been Shadow allies fighting First Ones in that long-ago Shadow War.

  5. I just finished listening to the podcast. I wish I had listened to it first before watching this episode. Not B5 at it’s best. And go figure, it was the first one written.

    Since AOL is offering B5 online, I’ve been watching them so I can fully appreciate your episode discussion. This one was not being shown by AOL, now I know why. I had to get it from Netflix. However, every good series has it’s bad one now and then. As I’ve been watching the other shows I remember just how much I enjoyed the show. I miss it! I’ve got my Netflix queue full with the B5 series DVDs.

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