Babylon Podcast #10: Julie Caitlin Brown / The Parliament of Dreams (Season 1)

Welcome to Show #10!

Interview: Julie Caitlin Brown (“Na’Toth”, “Guinevere Corey”)

Julie Caitlin Brown

Tim and Summer chat with the energetic Julie Caitlin Brown, who shares her Babylon 5 experience, including memories of working with Andreas Katsulas, and the emotional strain of having to leave the show because of a bad reaction to the makeup glue.

Julie also tells us about her current projects, and how Babylon 5 has come back into her life, fresh and new again.

Next, Tim and Summer chat about “Parliament of Dreams”, picking up off a wonderful lead-in from Julie’s first appearance as Na’Toth. Discussion touches on the depths of the alien religious ceremonies and some of the reasons for displaying them, and the intricate interplay between G’Kar, Na’Toth and the courier-assassin Tu’Pari.

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  1. Walter from LA says

    Another great show. I like it when he suprises you with the guest, but the interview is better when you can prepare for it. Less moments of ackward silkence ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Why hasn’t show #10 come up on itunes yet? Usually, I have it downloaded to my ipod by now.


  3. Tammy, are you still having problems? I can see Show #10 in the iTunes store, just fine.

  4. I checked again, & it is only up to #9. Weird.

  5. Never mind. I had to use the update button to get #10. Usually it sends it to me automatically. This time it didn’t.

  6. Great episode and quite fortunate to have to have the Julie Caitlin Brown interview prefacing the discussion of Parliament Of Dreams. As it happens Parliament Of Dreams is one of my favourite episodes, largely because of the Narn story line. The scene where G’kar and Na’Toth see off the assasin is one of the funniest pieces ever written.
    “With luck they may never catch you, but if they do catch you…”
    “You will know pain.”
    “And you will know fear.”
    “And then you will die, have a pleasant flight.”

    On the point of monolithic alien cultures I think the only two we really see are the Centauri, who would have an official imperial religion, and the minbari, who have things centralized in the religious cast. So other aliens may well have more diversity. We do find out for a fact that the Narns do. G’Kar is a follower of G’Quan, but Na’Toth isn’t and mentions that her father was a follower of G’Lan. Also I think in season five G’Kar mentions that Narns only get their final name after they’ve reached a certain age and choose which if the Narn religions to follow.
    I can’t think of the episode right now. In the scene Sheridan has just said he’s never going to get used to being called “mister president” and G’Kar tells him he can understand because he wasn’t always called G’Kar.

  7. Another excellent interview. I think knowing who you are about to talk with has proved itself to be the better of the two ideas. But I did have the idea that instead of a total mystery, it could be presented as one of two guest will be called. Just an idea.

    Is it meat or is it cake?

  8. This show just keeps getting better!
    I think the “surprise guest” idea, considering if you look at the website, you know who the guest is before you download the episode. Also it is much better to prepare for the interview.

    One of the scenes in Parliament Of Dreams that was always my favorite was where the two stories combine in the Minbari ceremony. When everyone is eating the fruit, Londo puts his piece down. Then you see G’kars hand sneak across and swap his fruit with Londo’s because his piece might be poisoned.

    Keep up the great work.

  9. As always, I enjoy the interviews. My vote would be for you guys knowing in advance who you are interviewing. So far, I don’t feel the interviews have suffered in anyway not knowing; however it just might be easier for both of you. A little preparation is always nice to have.

    Thanks for such a good podcast!

  10. thanks for the input, everyone. Yeah, as we’ve been discussing the mystery interview technique, we did realize that the only ones who were ever surprised were myself and Summer.

    And, Fred: It’s meatcake!

  11. Another vote (again) for advance preparation – Julie seemed to be a more outgoing guest, the sort that didn’t need much prompting, but some interviews might really benefit from everyone having a chance to think about questions in advance.

    Also – how do we get to the pictures? Is there a gallery somewhere on the site, or has that not happened yet? I’d really like to see the ones that Julie and (especially Pat) talked about.

  12. We’re still working out the creation of a gallery, so the pics aren’t online as yet.

    Be patient… all of us have lots and lots to do! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. No rest for the wicked eh?

  14. No, Mobius, it’s more like: be careful what you ask for- you just might get it!

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