Babylon Podcast #11: Interview with John Iacovelli

Welcome to Show #11!

Interview: John Iacovelli (Production Designer)

John Iacovelli

Tim, Summer and Jeffrey chat with the man mostly responsible for the look we all came to know and love about Babylon 5, production designer John Iacovelli.

John tells us in detail what a production designer does, and tells us about all the other people who helped him get the look. He also shares his experiences on Babylon 5 from the pilot through the spinoffs, including memories of last-minute bootstrapping to get things done.

No episode discussion this week, but we’ll be back in the saddle next time.

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  1. Tim, Summer, Jeffrey,
    I loved this week’s podcast. John Iacovelli is a master at what he does — and his use of color and the sense of wonder he brought to the Babylon 5 universe is unequalled. The art department did a LOT with a little. Some of the tables built by the Art Department were awesome. Nancy created an end table from a slice of a sequoia tree that would have been marvelous in any living room — let alone Londo’s quarters. Tim Earle (who worked on a number of Trek projects) developed marvelous cardboard sets that helped directors as they developed their strategy for shooting scenes of an episode. John had a marvelous crew working for him and he not only kept them creative — but he kept the show on budget. That is not an easy task.

    Can’t wait to see who you have next week.
    Have a great holiday.

  2. Hi all,

    Great interview with John, he certainly makes a q&a session easy, one question and 10 minutes later he is still going strong:)
    Could have been boring but I found his memories of the job and insights into the industry fascinating stuff, every bit as enjoyable as a cast member interview.

  3. Hi folks!

    Thanks for the efforts and the interviews. I, too, like to delve into the nuts-n-bolts of things. Rather than take away the “magic” on the screen, it adds to the complexity and my enjoyment of it. One of you said something in jest this last episode that I thought would make a great name for your podcast. Why not call it, “The Geek, the Guru, and the Vorlon”? It scans well and it’s a little less generic than your present title. Just a thought. Take care!

  4. Always a pleasure to hear John expound on design and doing amazing things on a limited budget. Reminded me of the time we chatted for his Zocalo newsletter interview. Most people that worked on Babylon 5 were easy, interesting interview subjects. And it was very cool learning what goes into making of a television show.

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