Babylon Podcast #13: Mongoose Publishing / The War Prayer (Season 1)

Welcome to Show #13!

Interview: Tim, Summer, Jeffrey and special guest Mur Lafferty join forces to talk to Matthew Sprange, director of Mongoose Publishing.

Mongoose publishes Babylon 5 RPG games, and the upcoming novels and graphic novels, and the gang grills him on jumping into the B5 gaming universe and expanding Mongoose’s involvement with other B5 media. There may also be plans to check out Mongoose at this year’s Origins con.

Next, Tim, Summer and Mur chat about “The War Prayer”, an episode that shows us that not everyone on Earth sees alien influence as a positive thing for Earth’s best interests.

Listener feedback: Josh from Maine asks about the best time to view “In The Beginning”; Matthew has a theory about labels on data crystals, Eric from Finland on Star Wreck and other possible fan films, Dave comments on the fun of Babylon 5, and on how much easier it would be to fit in in that universe.

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  1. I think it is really stupid for Del Rey to prevent Mongoose from selling the B5 books in the US when they haven’t published any new B5 books in awhile. I hope they make a deal with Mongoose, because it will make it a lot easier for me to get the books!

  2. Another fantastic podcast. It is wonderful to learn of all the project Mongoose has in play and I hope that everything will be available here in the U.S. I’m sure fans will be on the look-out for everything mentioned in the podcast.

  3. As Matt mentioned in his interview, the large publishers move like apatasaurs – ponderous and slow. My guess is that Del Rey isn’t necessarily being spiteful or evil: it’s just a big slow beast that’s focused on something more immediate. Mongoose is just some guys in England, you know.

    but it was thrilling to hear all the B5 stuff Mongoose has going. Visit their website, and check out the sneak-peek pdfs of the rulebooks. It’s fantastic stuff. Makes me wish for my gaming days again. *sniff* 🙂

  4. Nice to hear my question about “In the Beginning” sparked such a debate! I’m generally familiar with the overall B5 story, and I’ve seen the TV movie in question, so it wasn’t a question for me as much as it was the other people I’m going through the series with.

    I generally agree with your assessment — watching it too early will spoil a lot of the slow-developing secrets in the early seasons. I’ll make sure it stays out of the hands of my eager partners-in-viewing.

    Thanks for the reply to my voicemail!

  5. While I agree that Sinclair’s ruse in “The War Prayer” probably wouldn’t have worked with most people you have to remember that he was dealing with fa-na-tics. The people in the Homeguard want to believe Sinclair, and as fanatics, have a hard time believing he can actually disagree with them. So even Sinclair’s wooden acting job as a “true believer” to their cause can be effective.


  6. Darren Hennessey says

    For whatever it’s worth, JMS commented on why he’s not involved with the Mongoose novels and why they are not canonical here.

    I wish Mongoose lots of success, and I’m sure fronting the cash for the license from WB was very expensive. However, if you want the blessing and assistance of the guy who created the license, you have to make it worth his time.

  7. Cool show. I find that I don’t like media tie-in books all that much, but I’m looking forward to Claudia’s book.

  8. I am not all that bothered if the Mongoose books are not considered canonical, as long as they are well written, have a good story, portray the charactors accurately and are generally consistant with the broadcast shows.

    There are about 15 B5 books that have already been published, all generally considered canonical. Until the publication of the 3 trilogies the majority of these books were pretty dire.

    Even the better quality trilogies are not consistant with each other, something you would expect of canonical books.

    Having read JMS’s statement. I would agree that he should not be expected to provide his services for nothing or next to nothing. However if he was paid for providing a service in the publication of the first few B5 books I would like to know what service he provided, considering the poor quality of the finished product.

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