Babylon Podcast #14: Scott Devine / And the Sky Full of Stars (Season 1)

Welcome to Show #14!

Scott Devine

Interview: Tim, Summer, and Jeffrey talk with Scott Devine of New Wave Entertainment, the driving force behind producing the Babylon 5 family of DVDs. Scott talks to us about the work involved in tracking down the clips to provide the bonus materials, directing the commentary tracks, and digging up the other extras for the box sets we’ve all come to know and love. Anyone seen an issue of “Fantazone” on eBay recently? Scott’s still looking for a copy.

Next, Mur Lafferty returns to join Tim and Summer in chatting about “And the Sky Full of Stars”. This is episode that shows us how widespread the opposing conspiracies surrounding Sinclair’s missing 24 hours after the Battle of the Line. We see how fear of alien influence has driven some factions in Earth Gov to believe that Sinclair and others colluded with the Minbari and other races to undermine humanity, and that the Minbari have a deep fear of anyone at all uncovering the secret buried in Sinclair’s mind.

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  1. I was going to post this in show #4, but the comment line is closed, so this’ll have to do. I’ve just read JMS’s tribute to Andreas in book six ( of the script volumes) and it’s like when I heard about it for the first time.
    Truly a great actor, we’ve lost too many, may it be a long time before we lose any more.

  2. We close the comments after 21 days to cut down on stealth comment spam. Even so, I still have to delete a handful of fake comments per week.

    But we also have the forums, where you can post anything, anytime.

  3. I would have been upset if the B5 DVDs didn’t include the bloopers (gag reel). I had seen them at cons & wanted my own copies. So thanks to New Wave for including them.


  4. Hey Summer! Hey Tim! Hey Jeff!

    Just a comment on “And the Sky Full of Stars” from another longtime B5 fan. In retrospect, I think that Jack (Garibaldi’s second) was the one who helped get Sinclair out of his quarters, ensuring that the transit wouldn’t be detected, and then tried to hide Benson’s body. So I’m not sure that it’s as much of a cheat as it seems…

    Love the podcast! Especially the episode analysis! I hope to start something with B5 episodes on my “Dispatches from Tuzenor” podcast in a month or so…

  5. Strange. According to your guest, they’re working on outlines from JMS. According to JMS, he’s not involved in these books in any way. So either your guest is lying, or JMS is. JMS has been on record for months saying he’s not involved in these books. Why should I believe anything your guest has to say?

  6. The above comment was intended for the podcast with Matthew Sprange as guest, NOT Scott.

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