Babylon Podcast #16: Interview with Skip Robinson

Welcome to Show #16!

Interview: Skip Robinson (Editor)

Skip Robinson

Skip Robinson (L), with director Tony Dow (R)

Tim, Summer, and Jeffrey talk with Skip Robinson, editor extraordinaire. Skip tells us about his time on Babylon 5, and details his work in putting together the pieces that brought us the cinematic gems we viewed during the series, Crusade and the movies.

Next, Tim and Summer discuss the recent good news about Warner Bros making some of their content available for download via BitTorrent, legally. Yes, Babylon 5 is one of the shows being made available.

No word as yet whether or not the entire library will be available at once, or if it’ll be released piecemeal, similar to what AOL’s In2TV is doing. We also don’t know what video quality will be available, or if there’ll be different versions for users to choose to download.

Episode discussion will continue next week with “Believers”.

Voicemail: messages from Michael about the episodic preview trailers, John asking which Season opening theme we liked the best and spiritual aspects of B5, and Brian from Mongoose on the licensing of B5.

Email feedback: Andy comments on Kosh being poisoned, Michael T. wants to know more about Jeffrey’s acting chops while wearing the oversized lampshade, and Mike enjoys the work we’re doing with the podcast.

Your feedback does matter, and is welcome! You can call and tell us what you think… and likely hear it played or read on the show.

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  1. Hey summer, Tim, Jeff
    Enjoying the podcast, shame there was no episode discussion but I suppose an hour is about the limit in length.
    Summer, it’d be nice to hear more questions from you to the guests, is it my imagination or do you take a back seat at this point, it just seems to be Jeff and Tim asking all the questions.
    Also do you folks read the forums much? Not a great deal of activity going on in there.
    Anyway, keep up the good work, I think I’ll record an mp3 for ya.
    on the “cult of summer” ID

  2. Phazedout – I think it’s a matter of poor Summer not getting a word in edgewise. I do try to shut up, really I do…

  3. Sometimes I’m having such a good time listening to the conversation, I forget I’m a participant!

    That, and half the time Tim will think up the same questions I will. The other half of the time, the guest will just run with details or an anecdote, and that’s always a lot of fun to hear.

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