Babylon Podcast #17: Interview with Jason Carter, Part 1 / Believers (Season 1)

Welcome to Show #17!

Interview: Jason Carter (“Marcus Cole”)

Jason Carter

Tim, Summer, and Jeffrey jump into an energetic and entertaining chat with Jason Carter, who brought an extra measure of heart and soul to Babylon 5 with his portrayal of Marcus Cole, the determined but haunted Ranger. Jason reminisces about how he got to the show, and recounts memories of his good friend, the late Richard Biggs.

Jason’s chat was too good to bring to an end. We’ll have part two of that for you next week, but there were some interesting tidbits in the second part that couldn’t wait until then.

Jason will be teaching two acting workshops in June, “Fundamentals of Acting” at FanOdyssey on June 9 in Los Angeles, and a Freeplay Acting class at the Synergy Ensemble Theatre Company on June 24, in Islip, NY.

(L to R) Richard Biggs, Jeffrey Willerth, Ambr of 2BeContinued Con, Jason Carter

Next, Tim and Summer discuss “Believers”, the episode that fully introduces us to Dr Stephen Franklin. It serves as a showcase for Dr Franklin’s passions and convictions, and moves him closer to his eventual status as an integral part of the command staff.

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  1. wahey! Marcus!
    happy happy happy, Joy Joy Joy
    I’ll post more when I’ve listened, now I’m gonna have to do what I’ve been doing with previous shows, and sneak bits of a listen during lunch and when I’m out and about between offices, guess the signal can wait.
    on the “I am the very model of a… ah you know the rest” ID

  2. I’m midway through the episode, and just finished the (first part of the) Jason Carter interview. Excellent! Wonderful interview and wonderful interviewee.

    General comment: one thing that I think I’m getting from this podcast (the whole series) is a fascinating picture of how all of the pieces of the puzzle fit together to yield such a complex television show. That’s why I think that it’s a wonderful thing that you interview everyone, from the key grips to the lead actors.

  3. Wonderful show. Jason is just wonderful — a genuinely nice gentleman — funny too. It was enjoyable listening to him talk about his relationship with Rick Biggs and other cast members of Babylon 5.
    Thanks so much for bringing this show to us.

  4. Sandy – it was our distinct pleasure to talk with Jason. In the immortal words of the infomercial announcer: But wait! There’s more! Download next week’s show (when it comes out) for a truly free-range interview.

    Stephen, glad you’ve hit upon one of the purposes of the Babylon Podcast. Along with that, someone will drop one little bit of revealing info that I don’t think you necessarily learn elsewhere.

    Phazedout, keep an ear out for those lyrics…

  5. Hi Guys,

    Loved listening to the Jason Carter interview pt. 1. I met Jason at the Big Damned Flanvention last Decemeber, but I was so focused on all the Firefly goings on that I didn’t really talk to him as much as I would have liked to. (insert regrets here)

    Jason was the one of the barkers/M.C.’s at the charity benefit auction- and his manic energy was definitely something to behold as he ran around the auditorium!

    F.Y.I.- I download the show instead of listening to it on an iPod… and the downloaded version of this show cuts off at 52min. 30 seconds.

    I know that you said this is a 2-part interview- but I’m pretty certain that you didn’t mean the show to cut off mid-sentence in Tim’s review of “Believers”.

    Can you fix the link to include the entire show? Thanks.

  6. I’m cut off mid-sentence? The horror!! 🙂

    I download via iTunes, and had no problem. We’ll check into it.


  7. I had the same problem as Miketmc.

    It seems to have been fixed now.


  8. I’m listening to this podcast for the first time at 2AM in July 2007, and I’m just loving it. I haven’t laughed so hard in weeks. I just got hooked on Babylon 5 and finished watching Season 4 tonight.
    Last night I bawled when I watched Marcus bite the proverbial dust. (Thank heavens for cryo-freezing. *wink*)
    Jason Carter is absolutely the bomb and you wonderfuls rocked as well!!
    I’ll listen to the next half of the podcast after I get some desperately needed sleep.

    Oh, and shameless plug for me, I have a podcast too. It’s for the show Kyle XY and is found on Kyle as well as iTunes.

    Anyhoo, again, ya’ll rocked and made this new Bab 5 fan very happy with the Jason Carter interview.

    Insert a Minbari pike joke here,
    Beth 🙂


  1. […] was also amused to find that I still get a thrill from the rather lovely Marcus’s hair. I smile every time I hear his incongruous clipped English accent. Ah, be still my giddy […]

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