Babylon Podcast #18: Interview with Jason Carter, Part 2

Welcome to Show #18!

Interview: Jason Carter (“Marcus Cole”)

Jason Carter

Tim and Summer continue the extended edition of the chat with Jason Carter. Here in part two, Jason talks about being a convention whore, his time at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, the acting workshops he runs in various parts of the country, and The Pirates of Penzance.

And just another reminder: Jason will be teaching two acting workshops in June, “Fundamentals of Acting” at FanOdyssey on June 9 in Los Angeles, and a Freeplay Acting class at the Synergy Ensemble Theatre Company on June 24, in Islip, NY.

Next, Tim, Summer and Jeffrey dive into listener feedback: Andrew comments on “Deathwalker”, and Chaz compares the theme in “Deathwalker” to “Quality of Mercy” via email. John in KC shares an anecdote about Walter Koenig, and John from Dispatches from Tuzenor with comments on “Deathwalker” via voicemail.

Episode discussion will continue next week with “Survivors”.

Your feedback does matter, and is welcome! You can call us, or email us and tell us what you think… and likely hear it played or read on the show.

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  1. Phazedout says

    Jason Carter has no sense of smell? Weird, IU did read a while back about a newer form of treatment for this kind of thing (in new scientist I think) it was in the form of a personal accout, I’ll see If I can dig it up and I’l post a link. I’ve not finished lsitening yet though, I’ll let ye know more when I do.
    on the ” I should be working or studying or doing SOMETHING productive right now” ID

  2. Oh Wow what a great show!! He is the best yet – I was heartbroken when they got rid of him on Babylon 5, He was my favorite. Thanks guys really I could listen to him all day.

  3. Ignore my “Hi Ninjas” at the start of my VM. I was tired and not thinking clearly. Geez. I hope my VM is even coherent. 🙂

  4. what’s up folks? no show 19 yet? I realise that podcasting is an amatuer thing and ye all have jobs/lives/families/commitments, but ye have been so good to date, every wednesday by 2 pm GMT a show has poppoed up, what’s hap-pened, is everyone OK?
    on the “worried tha something terrible has happened” ID

  5. Janet Killacks episode guide (among other places I can’t recall that talk about his in more deatail)publically states that the Vicar was needed to restore Talia’s basleine personality when they needed her to be the super-teep that Lyta became after the actress went out of the show.

    Yes, JMS never does anything without a reason

    Do your homework, guys!

  6. Oi vey, Lefric – I have to respond to your response on a show we did six months ago?

    i’m pretty sure we knew – if it wasn’t stated out loud – that the Vicar’s data crystal with Talia’s info would come into play later on. But it obviously got dropped when the whole Talia Winters plotline got FUBARed by Andrea Thompson’s departure. Having said that, could that data crystal not have made an appearance at a later date? Kosh could’ve dropped it off in Sheridan’s office, muttered something cryptic like “Reflections in mirrors reveal which is the true soul” and glided away. Then, after the events in “Divided Loyalties” play out, Sheridan suddenly remembers the crystal and accesses it. Or something.

    It, like the Vicar, drop into Summer’s Bureau 13 folder.

  7. Jhonny/Satai (with Punsch) says

    This show aired a long time ago, but I still have to leave a small commentary.

    It is often cited to that the “Deathwalker” ep. is one that JMS doesn not like, and among other things the Vicar subplot.

    I think it makes perfect sence that Kosh is qurious about the “gift” Ironhart left Talia and therefore stages this little examination. Lyckely he found her to be “ready” for it, unlike the younger races and the inmortality serum.

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