Babylon Podcast #22: TKO / Grail (Season 1)

Welcome to Show #22!

Jeffrey has returned to civilization, but since a fine beverage establishment was his first stop on the road to recovering from more than a week out in the Mojave, Tim and Summer take this rare opportunity to get a little ahead on the episode discussions.


First up, episode discussion about “TKO”. Tim and Summer struggle to come up with admirable moments and high points in this episode. The differences between the levels of the pacing and action in both storylines created a jarring shift to watch, but learning more about the personal side of Susan almost makes up for that. The fight scenes and some of the interaction between the members of the Mutai and Garibaldi and Walker were still odd, but we get a little more foreshadowing about Garibaldi needing to watch his back.


Next, Tim and Summer dive into “Grail”, and scratch the surface on some of the subtexts found here. The Minbari respect given to Aldous, and their reverence for “true seekers”, might be another key in why they are so fascinated by Sinclair. The growth of Jinxo from a tragically comedic persona into a solid character is one of the small journeys that adds some hidden depth to the stories told on the station, and underplaying the comic situation in Londo’s reaction to the Nakaleen Feeder lends more humor to his unabashed panic.

These may be considered two of the weaker episodes of the first season, but as we’ll soon see, there’s always a boom tomorrow.

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Listener Feedback: Tim, Summer and Jeff address some of the listener emails and comments: Tim reads a variation of a money scam looking for Mr. Podcast; David Boyer comments on how seeing Garibaldi and Sinclair in the restroom got him hooked on B5, which leads Tim, Jeff and Summer into a discussion about excrement in deep space; Valerie wonders about the random clicking sounds in a previous show; Rick responds to how Sinclair and Garibaldi met, which leads to a mini discussion on the B5 comics.

Many thanks to Gordon for sending out his extra copy of the Babylon 5 Script Book Vol 3, so Tim can expand his B5 geeking; and to Steve for finding a link for folks to check out Jerry Doyle’s talk shows for free before subscribing to his pay-per-play feed.

Summer would still like to know where in the world B5 is still airing.

Your feedback does matter, and is welcome! You can call, or email us and tell us what you think… and likely hear it played or read on the show. Please try to keep the voicemail comments as brief as possible.

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  1. Hi Tim, Summer, Jeff
    Nice to see y’all back to early release times, ran out of the signal on the way in, and was faced with the horror of LISTENING TO MUSIC for the last ten minutes of my journey, least I’ve got your podcast to listen to on my way home this evening. While I agree that TKo was almost the worst episode of Season 1 (in fact I actually quite liked infection) I look forward to hearing your take on it.
    aka phazedout

  2. Just in case any listeners cannot check out Jerry when he on live(like me). He has a subscription for five bucks a month. That will allow you to d/l his shows on mp3 sans commercials. I have sent a few e-mails to him extolling the virtues of being a guest on you’re show. Have not heard anything back however. May need some back-channel negotiations from Jeffery on that. Anyway, love the show. Keep up the good work.


  3. I wasn’t too keen on TKO, and I agree that the whole anti-human racial facet would have been fun to explore. Clearly Earthers are new to the galactic social club, and they bought jump gate technology from the Centauri, and here they are building ships, starting wars, and creating a space station to facilitate peace…I can absolutely see older races fighting to keep us out. There are a lot of examples of this today (and when the show aired) – illegal immigration in the US and Europe, the fear in the 80s that the Japanese were buying up everythign American, etc. It would have been interestign to have this aspect seething in the background and help when Sheridan was trying to unite everyone to challenge the Shadows. Ah well, opportunity lost.

    Grail was cool because the use of CGI with the Feeder had to have been one of the first appearances on television. Although cruide by today’s standards, it is still impressive. And Londo…my favorite by far. I can’t wait until you have him on the show.

    Oh, and Jerry’s radio show is pretty good. I’m a subscriber. He’s exactly what he states, a “independent conservative” and he is very vocal about how he interprets what is going on in the world. Definitely worth a listen if you’re into talk radio. He’s not NPR, but he isn’t O’Reilley either.

  4. Loved the show! Good job once again….just dropped a line to say that Malaysia is not showing B5 anymore, once they finish airing season 5 in around 2002,there has been no repeats….saaddd!

  5. Heistemaax says

    Jeffrey! Please get Jerry on the show! Please!

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