Babylon Podcast #24: Chat with NASA Engineer Louise Kleeba

Welcome to Show #24!

Interview: Louise Kleeba, NASA Payload Engineer and Babylon 5 fan.

Louise Kleeba, NASA Payload Engineer and Babylon 5 fan

Jeffrey revels in the 4th of July launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery, and continues the glee by introducing Tim and Summer to Louise Kleeba, NASA Payload Engineer and super B5 fan. While the show was still on the air, Louise was not only one of the big fans inside NASA, but she also occassionally consulted on the accuracy and physics of movements in space used in the show.

Listener Feedback: Tim, Summer and Jeff address some of the listener emails and comments: Tim reads emails from Matt in Michigan about “Signs and Portents”; Pavel informs us of Bill Mumy’s radio show at; Mike Tuck offers some clarifications on the B5 comics; Rob tells us who Jeremy Clarkson is.

James in Dallas left us a voicemail telling us that he left a donation earmarked for the “Babylon Podcast”; Jonathan in Dallas chastises Tim’s aired opinions on Season 1, and Tim responds.

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  1. And let that be a lesson to you Tim! Whoop-ass in da house, ja!

    Actually, my intention wasn’t to muster such vitriol, I simply found it amusing to refer back to old podcast and note how many times the episodes didn’t “do it for you”.

    Now, to clarify my point, I absolutely agree that the story arc episodes are by far more interesting, but I think you needed the one-off episodes to appreciate the arc stories when they happen, and how each clearly herald the impending magnitude of the real story to follow. By your own admission, they worked to make you anticipate the arc episodes even more. I think the banal episodes set a tone for what is typical in the B5 universe so you could clearly understand what happens in the latter seasons that is clearly atypical.

    Thanks for including the voicemail.

  2. Good to hear Louise on the show – thanks guys!

  3. It was great to hear Louise! She is a fascinating individual, a very devoted Babylon 5 fan and a fantastic convention guest. It was a joy listening to her on the podcast.


  4. Comics.

    I’ll try to record something for you this weekend.

    I pulled all 14 issues out of the box, and have been browsing them lately, so send me a note, and I’ll do something up for you!

  5. What a fun interview! Thank you Louise for sharing your story, I’ll never watch the final episode quite the same again!

    (I hope it’s ok that I comment on such old shows, it’s been a slow process trying to get caught up…)

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