Babylon Podcast #28: Babylon Squared (Season 1)

Welcome to Show #28!

Tim and Summer envy Jeffrey as he enjoys Dodger Dogs to kick off the show, and discuss how good food and an appreciation for baseball were integral parts of life on Babylon 5, discuss a little about the upcoming B5 movies that JMS is working on, and start an informal pool on which stories might be the first ones to be completed.

Tim and Summer’s episode discussion this week is about “Babylon Squared”.

“Babylon Squared”

In “Babylon Squared”, the return of the Babylon 4 station that mysteriously disappeared without a trace 4 years earlier creates more questions than it resolves, and in the process we begin to get a sense of the much larger picture surrounding the story arc so far.

And don’t forget that most important of philosophical posits: Fasten, then zip?

images courtesy Gateworld and Lurker’s Guide

Listener Feedback: First, Jeffrey tells us about his memories of Tim Choate, the actor who portrayed Zathras so unforgettably. Next, Tim, Summer and Jeff address a few listener emails and comments: Tim reads an email from Jim with info on what happened to the first 3 stations; Scott submits links about Babylon 5 Cookbook recipes; and Mike comments on our opinions about the quality and content of “Voice in the Wilderness”.

For voicemails, Alexis in Florida wants to know more about royalties and if the B5 cast will get more money from the resurgence of the show in new outlets; Jarsto from the Netherlands corrects us on which wife the dancer was, comments on the use of the Great Machine throughout the rest of the series, and wants to know how we view Londo’s capacity for self-sacrifice.

Your feedback does matter, and is welcome! You can call, or email us and tell us what you think… and likely hear it played or read on the show. Please try to keep the voicemail comments as brief as possible.

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  1. Nan Benedict says

    Love your podcast! I think one character that could be explored in JMS’s new series is David, John and Delenn’s son. It would be great to find out what part he played in this universe.

  2. Andrew Swallow says

    Here is Clarkson’s version of his trip to the USA.,,24389-2261609.html,,24389-2252271,00.html

  3. Nan, that’s the first vote we’ve received for a David Sheridan story. Most everyone else has been clamoring for Telepath Crisis tales.

  4. Beth Dibble says

    Hey gang,

    In reference to the ideas for the upcoming direct to DVD B5 “movies” I think that JMS might do a “fill in the blanks” move and cover some events in the “Telepath War”. At least I think it would be terrific if he would do that as it is a rather important bit of B5 history that has yet to be described in detail.

    Keep the podcast coming.


  5. Hi guys and gal,

    Just now discovered your podcast, it’s great! Keep it up.

    I would love one of the upcoming episodes to be about Morden.

    – Jake

  6. I would love to see a technomage background on the direct to dvd

  7. It funny want you remember and don’t remember when reading the Luckers Guide. When I first heard about Babylon 5 lost tales this was one of those things I remembered'Quan
    ” James R. Kapesis asks:
    > If all the Narn telepaths are dead, what happened to the Narn
    > telepaths that helped G’Quon defeat the Shadows?

    Those were the last remaining ones, the older telepaths, their
    children all killed, too old now to produce any further children, and
    the technology of cloning or genetics was still way beyond them.

    The story of the last crusade of G’Quan is actually quite
    interesting; I hope to get it into the show at some point. Right now
    it’s mainly background, even though I’ve worked it out fully.


    While not about the main charcters of the show this to me seems like the kind of think that a show about LOST TALES should be about. Just a few lines from old notes or posts that turn into full stories.

  8. Matt, the Lost Tales speculation has taken a life of its own. So far, we’ve received more votes for Telepath Crisis stories. But on top of that, it seems fans want more than to simply revisit the lives of Sheridan, Delenn, et. al. They want stories that fill out all aspects of the B5 universe.

  9. How about the Narns uprising against the Centairie? A full fledge war of independence, and possibly the rise of G’Kar to promonance. Dedicated to the actor…

    More about the history of Dr Franklin, dedicated to the actor.

    I sense a theme here….

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