Babylon Podcast #29: The Quality of Mercy (Season 1)

Welcome to Show #29!

Tim and Summer discover that Vorlons do occassionally nap, and Jeffrey gives us an update on his busy schedule, and provides some news on an upcoming guest for the show. We also chat about the long-proposed B5 graphic novels, and whether or not we’ll ever see them, and Jeff regales us with an excerpt from a column he’d written for Babylon 5 Magazine (“Vorlon Perspective”; April 1998, Vol 1, Issue 7: pg 6).

Yes, I looked it up. It was in one of the UK only issues that I actually hadn’t opened yet because I only just obtained them earlier this year. Maybe I’ll scan in the covers one of these days…

Tim and Summer’s episode discussion this week is about “The Quality of Mercy”.

“The Quality of Mercy”

In “The Quality of Mercy”, we focus on Dr Franklin’s investigation of what he perceives as a medical scam targeting lurkers in Down Below, and with Talia’s struggle to perform a mind wipe on a convicted murderer. As those two storylines converge, we also see Londo’s life through Lennier’s eyes as Londo takes him on an exploration of the more exciting recreational diversions available on Babylon 5.

image courtesy Gateworld

Listener Feedback: Tim, Summer and Jeff address a few listener emails and comments: First, Rick lets us know what the Hokey Pokey is really all about, and unfortunately Tim runs with a bad joke; Drongo Mollari gives us a scenario about the possibility of Garibaldi retrieving Lise’s first daughter. Tim also reads some JMS posts that Jim Carr dug up about residuals and monies that the actors might still receive.

For voicemails, Josh in Pennsylvania is a brand new B5 fan, and has some questions about “War Without End” and the time paradoxes involving Sheridan and Londo, and we do our best to cover the various time strands.

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  1. I already voice-e-mailed in other comments but listening for the second time a something struck me. Is it just me, or is the fact that the links Jeffrey mentioned are either gone or completely changed a form of poignant social commentary. The only way to see something of what he was talking about is to fire up the Wayback Machine at

    It seems an interesting reminder that the internet as we know it isn’t set in stone. To mangle a quote from Delenn: “But websites are fleeting and URLs forgotten”. Let’s just hope that “what is podcast endures”.

    Why do I get the feeling that 22:55 after a night when I got little sleep wasn’t the best time to think up new comments…

  2. Jarsto, your observation goes hand in hand with the general public’s opinion that if it’s on the internet, it must be true. Fortunately, things tend to be self-correcting, but still. The recent SciFi channel hoax is a fine example of this.

  3. You guys are aware of the already exisiting B5 GN’s aint ya? One focusing on Garibaldi and Sinclaire’s discovery of the ONE shadow ship on Mars and one about the genesis of Valen and B4.

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