New ways to connect with the Babylon Podcast

I’m posting this now to get the information out in time for our next recording session, which will be Wednesday, September 6, about 6pm Mountain Standard Time (same as Pacific Daylight Time right now).

There will be an audio stream that you can listen to, and hear us live and unedited as we record the show segments, and a chatroom where you can give live feedback.

To listen to the feed, connect to one of our Shoutcast Streaming Servers: is in the USA, and is in Australia, so choose your closest connection.

The chatroom for the podcast is #babylonpodcast at, and I likely will be monitoring the chatroom while we’re recording.

Let us know what you think of this little addition.


  1. Any recommendations on a good IRC client to use for this?

  2. As an old-school Unix user who’s now using Macs, I love X-Chat Aqua. xchat was my favorite under Unix/Linux, so now being able to use it on a Mac is grand. Especially given the never-ending stream of problems I had with Colloquy.

    Not sure for Windows, but here’s a good site that reviews irc clients for all platforms.

    The cool thing about the irc chatroom is that it’s open and available 24/7. Once it gets going, I’ll probably drop in a couple times a week just to see what’s going on, but I’m guessing Wednesdays will be the high use days.

  3. Chris in Indy says

    Hi Summer,

    Looking forward to listening live! I’m listening to show #31 now, and installed Colloquy for Mac OS X to be able to join the IRC channel. I’m a complete IRC noob, so I hope I get in OK.

    Can I use iTunes to listen to the live feed?

  4. Chris in Indy says

    Can I use iTunes to listen to the live feed?

    …answering my own question…

    Yes, you can listen to the live feed via iTunes, by following these instructions:

    1. Copy one of the URLs above (for me, even here in the US, the URL had less lag time),

    2. In iTunes, select Advanced > Open Stream…

    3. Paste in the URL and click “OK”.

    4. Go to your Library and you will find the “radio” stream you just added. (Sort the Library list by “Date Added” if you have trouble finding it.)

    5. Select it and play it to listen to the stream.

  5. For his next amazing feat, Chris will find the meaning of life….now go! 😉