Babylon Podcast #31: Chrysalis (Season 1)

Welcome to Show #31!

Tim and Summer focus this entire show on the Season 1 finale, “Chrysalis”. Given the many depths in this episode, that much time and more is needed.


Here there be deep geeking about various subplots coming together, the payoffs of earlier hints, and the setup of a few more mysteries yet to come.

What did Delenn ask Kosh? How much was she going to reveal to Sinclair if he’d been in time to talk to her? How much does Lennier know about what happened and why she’s going forward with her plans, and what are his true feelings towards her by now? Was there an intern with SuperGlue on standby during Season 1 as the device was being built?

Was the lurker who told Garibaldi about Petrov’s last job a telepath who could tell Garibaldi more than Petrov really told him? Was shooting Garibaldi a last ditch effort to keep the conspiracy quiet, or was he an intended target all along? Was Devereaux’s mission a one-way mission, or was his death only necessary after they were forced to try to kill Garibaldi?

Those questions and more are addressed, but as always, the more questions we answer, the more questions we come up with.

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