Babylon Podcast #33: Interview with John Copeland, Part 2

Welcome to Show #33!

Interview: John Copeland, producer for Babylon 5

John Copeland

Continuing with our talk with John Copeland, we get his impressions on production costs then and now, we find out about his fascination and appreciation of The Flying Tigers and aviator history, and much more. And how many producers do you know that have their own trading cards and action figures?

Listener Feedback: Tim sometimes doesn’t pay attention. This is what happens when he doodles too much. We have voicemails about why Talia had to do the mind scan in “The Quality of Mercy”, bringing up the question of nature vs nurture; a message about statute of limitations for punishment; Steve in Denver comments on Tim’s viewpoint on the Vorlons; Joe from Michigan comments on the alleged time paradox in “Babylon Squared”; Jonathan in California comments again on whether the Vorlons adhered to Valen’s prophecies or not. We also go through a handful of emails… and we’re still not caught up on your feedback!

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  1. I can’t get this episode to download via iTunes. Other podcasts download fine. Is this an issue you are aware of, by any chance? If not, thought I’d mention it.

  2. Great show. I hope you have John back to talk about some of the shows he directed — particularly “Objects at Rest” — the final episode shot of the series. It was a very emotional time for everyone and it would be interesting to hear his take on how it felt to see it all end.

  3. John JW Warner says

    I worked with John for three years on B 5 and I must say that he has not changed a bit. He is still as thoughtful and open as he was way back then. I hope we get to work together again some time soon.

    Actually just to demon-straight how honest he was, when we were starting the third season of B 5 I went to him and asked if all of the grips names could be posted in the credits at the end of each show. He explained why that would not be possible. Then I said “What if we rotated everyones names so everyone on the grip crew got their name on every third show or so”? He thought about it, and agreed, and he did it. I can not tell you how much that meant to everyone on the crew to have their names represented.

    Thanks Again, John!


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