Babylon Podcast #34: Points of Departure (Season 2)

Welcome to Show #34!

There’s no Jeffrey this week, so Tim and Summer jump full force into discussion about Season 2, and all the changes heralded by the arrival of Captain John Sheridan in “Points of Departure”.

“Points of Departure”

We talk about Sheridan, his charisma, his tactical sense, and the effects of his arrival on all the station staff. We also begin to get a sense of Sheridan’s character by scratching the surface of his conspiracy theorist heart, his integrity and quick wits under pressure.

We also touch a bit on Minbari with human DNA, the plots within plots of the crew of the Trigati, a renengade Minbari warship, and the appearance of Lt. Warren Keffer as a semi-regular character, along with a little bit of Robert Rusler trivia (his birthday was the day we recorded this episode, September 20th).

We also argue a bit about who knows what when, and if new incoming Grey Council members learn all the council secrets when they join or not.

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Listener Feedback: George emails in to tell us that the crowd present during the announcement of “The Coming of Shadows” as the Hugo Award winner garnered a larger crowd response and noise than the crowd present when “Serenity” won the Hugo this year.

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  1. Great show! I agree that the show definitely went up a few notches when Boxleitner joined the cast. He has a commanding presence and his character was such a great and strong commander. He demanded attention and wouldn’t back down from anybody. I actually had a hard time watching the first season but I was glued to the show from season 2 on. More than that though, I felt Boxleitner brought a higher quality of acting to the show, not just with his performance, but also with those around him.
    That’s my 2 cents.


  2. Hi guys!!

    I sent all the BB fans I know (there are a lot of them in the Scarecrow and Mrs. King fandom.. imagine that) the link to this show. I know they will like listening to yall talk about his character.

    Hope all is well!


  3. Kasey Briggs says

    Regarding when members of the grey council are informed: I think that members of the grey council had access to archives of previous decisions of the council. The Mimbari are always talking about how detailed their records are, I can’t imagine that they don’t have records of every meeting and significant event the council was part of. New members would need this information to function in their roles, regardless of which caste they come from. I even think that there were references of “recording” from time to time regarding council activities.

  4. Actually there is a Star Trek Cookbook with Ethan Phillips (Nelix) as one of the authors.


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