Babylon Podcast #36: Interview with Carrie Dobro

Welcome to Show #36!

Jeffrey is in Telluride this week, looking for snow to film, and regaling Tim and Summer with tales of the beautiful skyscapes and the free beer.

Carrie Dobro

Next, we talk with Carrie Dobro, best known for her role of Dureena Nafeel on Crusade, but she also portrayed a medic in the third season episode “Exogenesis” alongside Jeffrey and The Snackman.

Carrie tells us stories about sitting in the makeup chair for hours, her different experiences with mud and tight costumes, and with extensive prosthetics in “Hypernauts”, and the fun of working with her Crusade co-stars, and the physical nature of Dureena’s character. Watch out when she’s playing with the blades.

We also learn about her role as producer of Pickets, a highly-regarded film that had made it’s way around the film festival circuit, and the challenges of filming on a schedule when your outdoor sets have been victimized by weather. And bugs. And poison ivy. Unfortunately, we can’t see the film playing anywhere or on DVD anywhere, but we’ll keep an ear out and let you know if it becomes available.

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Listener Feedback: Tim reads an email about the Vorlons in the “Babylon Squared” time loop, an email of thanks from Matthew for doing the podcast and helping keep the B5 fandom passions alive. Jeffrey’s really fascinated by the shiny gondolas going up and down the river.

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  1. Great show. Carrie is a terrific person — and a wonderful talent. She had one of the best developed characters in CRUSADE and it would have been wonderful to see more of her and Galen, especially if he finally would agree to teach her some of the secrets of being a TechnoMage.
    One scene she loved was one in her quarters with Peter. Her furniture was a bit smaller and Peter had a hard time sitting down — especially with the extremely tight leather pants that were part of his Galen costume.
    Take care.

  2. Andrew Swallow says

    Jeffery Willerth and Pat Tallman’s website is

  3. Yep… their website has been in the B5 Links page since Day One 🙂

  4. I hope Jeffrey made it out of Buffalo. If not, at least he got his snow!!

  5. Snowin’ out my window right now. Sigh…

  6. Mike Hall says

    I’m getting an error opening file… there a problem with the website? Its not just this one, but several……some work, some don’t. Any ideas? It seems that the file isn’t there.

  7. Hey Mike… the show file should be there. I just did a test play of it using the embedded player here in the article post.

    Sometimes LibSyn has a senior moment and files aren’t accessible for a short while, but that doesn’t usually last very long.

    Try it again and let me know what happens?

  8. Mike Hall says

    That was it….the files are now working.


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