Babylon Podcast #39: Interview with Peter Jurasik

Welcome to Show #39!

Interview: Peter Jurasik (“Ambassador Londo Mollari”)

Peter Jurasik

Jeffrey’s back in sunny California after his search for snow came up a little short, but all travel pains are easily forgotten during our chat with Peter Jurasik.

Peter regales us with tales of auditioning for the role, of the evolution of the Centauri hair styling, the costuming and more. He also shares his memories of Andreas’ performances as G’Kar, and the in-costume smoke breaks, and the fun he had in seeing Londo’s prosthetic genitalia paraded around the set for comment and feedback.

Too bad he missed out on being able to take any memorabilia home after the show was done. He also talks about Being Londo Mollari, teaching theatre, about marrying Jeffrey and Patricia, and much much more.

It’s not easy to come up with questions when you’re laughing so hard!

Also, if you can find it in your hearts, please, help us find a cure for Jeffrey’s puns.

Listener Feedback: Next, Tim and Summer discuss some listener emails: Gabriel ponders that the new Battlestar Galactica isn’t really as deep as Babylon 5 in terms of character and story depth. Summer waves the flag in defense of BSG, as does Tim.

Shameless plug: yes, Summer contributed an essay to the essay collection, So Say We All: An Unauthorized Collection of Thoughts and Opinions on Battlestar Galactica, now available at your local bookstore and at

She’s also really hoping to convince the publisher to eventually do a collection on Babylon 5. If you’d be interested in buying one if they did do a B5 collection, let Summer know.

We are still considering doing a separate B5 Fan Tales segment in the future, so send us those favorite anecdotes of yours.

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  1. Peter Jurasik is probably my favorite actor from the series. I got to meet him at a convention in Los Angeles the same year that the last season had already been shot but had not yet aired. It was a cool convention that had almost all of the principle actors from the series. He was so nice and down to earth. He even complimented me on my home-made Minbari costume (and prosthetic).

    Thanks for the great interview,

  2. Hey B5podcasters!

    I’ve been wanting to post this suggestion for some time, but work’s been diverting my attention away and I keep forgetting to. Anyway, in keeping with the B5 tradition, why not get each one of you to record the opening theme for the Babylon Podcast for each season you cover, in tandem with the respective theme music for that season. Tim does the voiceover (in lieu of Sinclair reciting) for this season, why not get Jeffrey or Michael to do the season 2 voiceover (and Summer can do the third season). It seems like a neat idea (though logistically a nightmare, i would presume). Cheers!

    Steve from Singapore

  3. Steve,

    Tim’s already volunteered me for that, but as mentioned in earlier shows and comments, we’ve decided to break it up by years of the podcast, instead of years of the show.

    Look for something new like that in February 2007.

  4. I’ve caught up!!! I am not listening weeks late to the B5 podcast anymore. And look who is interviewed.

    Thanks for the great podcast guys.

  5. Oh, but Jimmy, if you’re not listening to the live feed, in one sense you are still behind! 😛 Glad you crammed all that Babcast goodness into your head. Just wait till next week…

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