Babylon Podcast #50: A Spider in the Web (Season 2)

Welcome to Show #50!

Wow. 50 episodes. Milestone time! But are the ratings good enough for us to get picked up for our second season? Never fear…

Tim recounts an Apollo 12 Tim Conrad anecdote, from Andrew Chayken’s “A Man on the Moon”, in honor of Jeffrey’s gift last week, and musings about our return to the moon. Jeff recounts an interview with Buzz Aldrin about going back out there, and we all wistfully gaze out into space, and stare at the acreage Michael owns, both on the moon and on Mars.

Pay no attention to the flurry of domain registrations.

“A Spider in the Web”

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer move ahead with episode analysis from Season 2 with “Spider in the Web”, another in the line of setup episodes, where some of the threads reach deep into future seasons, and some threads tap dance away, exiting stage left never to be heard from again.

Learning more about the political situation on Mars, and what Taro Isogi and Amanda Carter are hoping to achieve by creating an independent Mars, colors many events later that directly and indirectly affect life on the station and the lives of many of our characters. It’s the first example where we see Sheridan dealing with lies told to him by government officials, and exposure Psi Corps conspiracies and experiments that come back around again.

“Spider in the Web”

It’s also the first in what could be considered a Talia Winters trilogy, so to speak, since she’s a major component of these episodes, as well as her relationship with Psi Corps as more questionable Corps behaviors and practices are revealed.

“Spider in the Web” is available for download from iTunes.

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Listener Feedback: Trampas lets us know about his Koshmas holiday wishes to get more B5, which he received; Randy from Atlanta comments on Show #45, wanting to know if Tim is the most eclectic geek there is; what does count as good SF cheese these days? Jarsto wants Tim and Jeff to do a Bad Puns podcast so they wouldn’t have to do it here, and maybe the creature entered the coordinates for Z’ha’dum into the guidance system of the Copernicus; Edmund tests his microphone and sumbits praise to Michael’s audio editing prowess (check out Podholes if you want to improve your podcasting); Gary from Jacksonville asks if Tim will be updating the podcast intro for our Season 2, and wants to know what Jeff’s been drinking so he can have some.

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  1. Happy 50th podcast! May you have another great 50, and more and more and more.

  2. Buzz is still alive. 77 on Jan 20. Happy 50th! Keep up the great work.

  3. Pete Conrad died on 7/8/999, was 69.

  4. My favorite number!

    Thanks for the correction, Scott. 🙂 And thanks to all for the good wishes and salutations!

  5. I should have remembered Buzz was still around, as he recently had a guest spot on NUMB3RS. He didn’t say anything, and was only on screen for about a minute.

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