Babylon Podcast #51: Soul Mates (Season 2)

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Tim, Summer, a contemplative Jeffrey, and a wisecracking Michael spend the warm-up cracking themselves up. We are so damned easily amused. This is what happens when you stay up late at night and geek on Babylon 5. Don’t try this at home kids!

“Soul Mates”

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer (along with studio guests Brian and the other Tim) move ahead with episode analysis from Season 2 with “Soul Mates”, one of the better episodes of Season 2, rife with intrigue, hidden agendas and sly humor.

Londo Mollari has been granted a wish from the Emperor, in honor of the 20th anniversary of his Ascension. He has requested a divorce from his three wives, and has summoned them to the station so he can choose which ones he’d like to excise from his life.

At the same time, Matt Stoner arrives on the station and immediately sets Garibaldi on edge, and during the course of reporting his odd encounter, discovers that he and Talia had a previous relationship, one which wasn’t pleasant for Talia.

Is there a direct connection between Stoner’s arrival on the station, and Londo’s wife Mariel, and her purchase of the dangerous-to-Centauri artifact that he brought on board? Is there a deeper relationship between Mariel and G’Kar, knowing where Stoner found the artifact in the first place? None of these questions are resolved completely, and the possible iterations of who-knew-what-when and who-knew-whom can be argued in circles for a long time.

“Soul Mates”

We also see a side story with Delenn dealing with the unexpected physiological changes she’s undergone because of her transformation into a human-Minbari hybrid. Her asking Ivanova for help and their interaction and female bonding makes for a very amusing break from the emotions of the Garibaldi-Winters-Stoner triangle.

“Soul Mates” is available for download at iTunes.

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Listener Feedback: Jeff and Mike abuse Summer and her geek girl shopping habits; Haiku: Zathras; Lambeau from Houston has B5 Limericks for us; Chris from Detroit thought that Robin’s interview was parody; Walter from LA on Show #46, and compares it to Wingin’ It; Jeffrey lays down the snark on Mike regarding Martian property sales. Tim reads an email from Sean on the Drazi conflict from “Geometry of Shadows”.

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  1. Evidently the tongue-in-cheek nature of my voicemail didn’t translate too well after traveling through the phone lines. ๐Ÿ™‚ If I’d been in the position of trying to perform that interview, I probably would have thrown it out as a useless mess — but that would have been a mistake, because there was a glorious sort of surreal, train-wrecky goodness to it. I’m glad you decided to run it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. To give you a peek behind the scenes, I voted to dump it, but (fortunately) was overruled by Summer and Jeffrey. And Pat’s interview about the Penny Lane Xmas program was actually recorded in the midst of all that insanity. Go figure.

  3. In response to the analysis of “Soul Mates” and how it seemed to you that the delivery of the statuette by Stoner and its use by Mariel Mollari didn’t really work:

    My take on it that makes it work for me is this…by this time we all know that G’kar and Londo are always spying on one another and will do almost anything to gain an advantage over the other or hopefully eliminate him. One of G’Kar’s spies (he must have many on the station) in the Zocalo notices this statuette and tells G’Kar. G’Kar of course knows at this point that Mollari’s wives are on station and that they are quite upset with him, so he contacts Mariel indirectly, through one of his spies, to tip Mariel off about the trap…without letting Mariel know that he is directly behind the conspiracy. Then Mariel buys the statuette, gives it to Londo. Then after Londo’s unexpected recovery, G’Kar arranges to meet Mariel and they each do a delicate dance around one another, both knowing that they had conspired with each other but not directly admitting it to the other…each wanting to take the measure of the other to see whether one of them will try to use this to their advantage over the other for blackmail or other sinister end. It’s a tangled web of intrigue to be sure, but this is both of these characters’ speciality.

  4. Just a little note to Summer – don’t know if anyone else has run into this problem, but the link to the Sevylon 5 cartoons doesn’t work for me. However, I went back to the Sev main page and browsed through to find a link that worked. This is the one I found:

    Feel free to confirm this. Great Episode 51! Thanks

  5. Dave from Memphis says

    For fans of Babylon 5 as well as South Park, there’s Babylon Park!

    If you’ve seen this before, my bad. If not, hope you enjoy it.

    And I didn’t create it.

  6. Andrew Swallow says

    Note: Jeffrey Willerth and Pat Tallman were responsible for Babylon Park.

  7. Dave from Memphis says

    That’s what I get for actually getting into the show 4 years ago.

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