Babylon Podcast #53: The Coming of Shadows (Season 2)

Welcome to Show #53!

So, how do you like that shiny new Season 2 inspired intro?

Jeffrey’s impressed by the new intro, and can’t help himself when it comes to the Vorlon jokes, and Summer pimps a product: The OhMibod, a whole new way to plug’n’play.

Tim and Summer try to elicit a reverent response from Jeffrey about his impact on “The Coming of Shadows”, with no luck, although he waxes poetic about Turhan Bey.

“The Coming of Shadows”

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer move ahead with episode analysis of “The Coming of Shadows”, winner of the 1996 Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, beating out Apollo 13 and Twelve Monkeys

G’Kar makes a fateful decision when he learns that the Centauri Emperor is coming to Babylon 5 to make an announcement, and intends to exact retribution on behalf of Narn for 100 years of Centauri oppression, but fate intervenes.

After receiving the dying Emperor’s message via Dr. Franklin, G’Kar beings to have hope that there may someday be an accord between Narn and Centauri, completely unaware that Londo and Refa have decided to take advantage of the Emperor’s collapse to increase their own standing at the royal court, and initiate the first strike in a new Narn-Centauri war.

“The Coming of Shadows”

The dying Emperor receives one of his wishes, to finally see a Vorlon, but the response to his question of Kosh seems to foretell a coming doom, and the news he receives from Londo and Refa only confirms his failure to being to heal the wounds plaguing his society.

Garibaldi confronts a mysterious stranger who’s being secretive about his intentions in wanting to talk to him. It’s not until later after the message is delivered that more pieces of the larger puzzle come into play, but even then more questions are raised than answered.

“The Coming of Shadows” is available for download from iTunes.

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Listener Feedback: Mike from We Are Not Cool on Jarsto’s crossover appeal; Jarsto comments on previous episode geeking; Edmund doesn’t want to delve into a FarPoint Media show of his own, but he does want to comment on Mike’s B5 timekeeping duties and how it all ties back to Harlan Ellison; Jarsto submits a new B5 Haiku.

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  1. Great show everyone! I like the new intro and the new lead-ins for the voicemail messages. Though I am a bit biased on the latter, since I know the folks that recorded them.

    Keep up the great work, the terrific interviews, and of course…the DEEP GEEKING.

  2. I was so looking forward to the new season 2 intro, and when I finally got to hear it, it didn’t disappoint. Great job Bruce, err I mean Tim, and I’m guessing Mike did the sound editing? Fantastic.

    So glad the Babylon Podcast got picked up for a second season ;).

  3. One of the things I always enjoyed about CoS was the “compare and contrast” the scenes with G’Kar going after Londo in CoS with the shot of Londo going after G’Kar in Midnight on the Firing Line.

    Londo subtly goes in, and no one would have known had he not run into Talia, eventually being talked down by a lone Garibaldi.

    The entire station could hear G’Kar coming, on the other hand, with him taking out a bunch of security guys while he’s at it. Garibaldi stuck in his office with ranger-dude, and it takes Sheridan, with a score of the security force to bring him out of it.

    But the conversations were so very similar, yet so very different…

  4. I hadn’t thought of that one, Kurt! Now I’m going to have to go watch those scenes one after the other.

    As soon as whomever has my set of B5 S1 DVDs returns them… I’m not sure where they are, but I think Brian may have them now.

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