Babylon Podcast #56: All Alone in the Night (Season 2)

Welcome to Show #56!

Brad from Podculture is busy adopting B5 novels that he’s finding in used book stores in his area, and we’ll have those available to other fans. Not sure how yet, but we’ll figure something out.

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer delve into discussion about “All Alone in the Night”, which by Tim’s definition is the second season’s equivalent of “Infection”.

A previously unmentioned alien race, The Streibs, kidnap Sheridan while he’s out searching for the cause of several reported ship disappearances in the sector. He’s tortured and forced to battle other captives for his survival.

Delenn is summoned to Minbar to face the Grey Council and answer for her actions in going forward with her transformation without express permission or approval from them. Tensions escalate when she discovers that a member of the Warrior Caste has taken her place on the council, upsetting the balance on the Council makeup.

General Hague brings the Agammemnon to bear in the rescue effort to retrieve Sheridan from his captors, thanks to information provided by a returning Delenn.

We ponder the significance of Sheridan’s dream… was it a dream or was it a telepathic barrage of messages sent by Kosh? And exactly when was Sheridan approached by Hague to evaluate the station staff and where their loyalties lie? Has he always been aligned with those in the military who’ve been suspicious of Clark ever since Santiago’s assassination?

“All Alone in the Night” is available for download from iTunes.

Listener Feedback: Commentary abounds, even without Jeffrey, so we’ve got to put a few on hold so Jeff can respond as well.

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  1. Jhonny/Satai (with Punsch) says

    Calling Neroon a fanatic is stretching it a bit I must say. A firm believer in the righteousness of the Warrior cast perhaps, but not a fanatical one as we see him change during the course of the show.

    He is probably a person with great faith in the Warrior cast and as a person he embodies the both sides of Minbari society, the warrior and the religious, which makes him a formidable force. As Delenn says, the both sides of the Minbari united are a terrible sight indeed. But he is no single minded fanatic.

  2. Oh, no! The episode discussion was cut off!

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