Babylon Podcast #57: Acts of Sacrifice (Season 2)

Welcome to Show #57!

Brad from Podculture is busy adopting B5 novels that he’s finding in used book stores in his area, and we’ll have those available to other fans. Not sure how yet, but we’ll figure something out.

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer delve into discussion about “Acts of Sacrifice”. Please pardon the crappy Skype connection that Summer had to use instead of a Gold Channel connection.

G’Kar is faced with insubordination from the Narn on the station, who want to exact revenge against Centauri citizens for the great losses of Narn civilian lives in several attacks. The command staff is trying to figure out how to still deal with Londo in a diplomatic fashion, and that strain is reflected in the previously genial relationship between Londo and Garibaldi.

Ivanova is given another diplomatic task, in negotiating an alliance with a very quirky and standoffish race, the Lumati. Their belief that interaction with species that they believe are inferior is a weakness that Susan is able to exploit in order to get out of a particularly distasteful side requirement for the deal.

“Acts of Sacrifice” is available for download from iTunes.

Listener Feedback: Voicemail. Jeffrey. ‘Nuff said.

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Shameless related begging: Summer’s also really hoping to convince any publisher to eventually do an esssay collection on Babylon 5. If you’d be interested in buying one if they did do a B5 collection, let Summer know, here in comments.

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  1. The download link yields a 404 (file not found) error. This happened just after 6PM Mountain time (GMT -7).


  2. I typo’d the file name. This was corrected sometime between 7-8pm Mountain time.

    I’m not sure how long it takes iTunes to refresh what it culls from feeds, but we should be good now.

  3. It’s up on iTunes now.

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