Babylon Podcast #58: Hunter, Prey (Season 2)

Welcome to Show #58!

Jeffrey tells us all about his newest project, producing episodes for HGTV’s “Over Your Head”. Then, for some reason, we venture into Vorlon-morphed TV show names, and that game continues in the chatroom for at least 20 more minutes after we cut to the first break.

Brad from Podculture is busy adopting B5 novels that he’s finding in used book stores in his area, and we’ll have those available to other fans. Not sure how yet, but we’ll figure something out.

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer delve into discussion about “Hunter, Prey”. In this episode, Sheridan begins to deal directly with Kosh, and the staff begins to wonder more closely about the hints dropped about Vorlon ship technology.

After being informed that Dr Everett Jacobs, the former presidential physician, is a wanted fugitive, and initiating a search for him by station security, Sheridan learns that all that he has been told about Jacobs may not be what it seems. He was reluctant to believe in Franklin’s support of Jacobs, until being informed by a liasion from General Hague that Jacobs is being hunted because he may possess information damaging to Clark’s given rationale for leaving Earth Force One before it exploded.

We also see Kosh begin to interact more with Sheridan, and even deign to instruct him in the finer points of being himself.

“Hunter, Prey” is available for download from iTunes.

Listener Feedback: It’s all email, all the time for this show. Jefferson in the UK chimes in for Jeff’s call for UK listeners; Loz comments on GROPOS and who’s sleeping (or not sleeping) around; Greg clarifies the content in a few of the necessary of B5 novelizations; Katrina in PA wants to know what our Top 5 and Bottom 5 shows for the entire series might be; Tim wants to know what Jeff’s personal Top 5 and Bottom 5 in terms of production were.

Your feedback does matter, and is welcome! You can call us, or email us and tell us what you think… and likely hear it played or read on the show. Please try to keep the voicemail comments as brief as possible.

Shameless related begging: Summer’s also really hoping to convince a publisher to eventually do an essay collection on Babylon 5. If you’d be interested in buying such a B5 collection, let Summer know, here in comments.

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  1. I was listening to the new Podcast introduction, which mirrors the season two introduction of the original show.

    In that spirit, shouldn’t it be voiced by Jarsto, who has replaced Tim under mysterious circumstances?



  2. You guys quipped that the reason why Sheridan had to wear a gas mask despite Kosh being in his encounter suit was because Kosh had bad B.O. While that may be true (And that bit made me laugh out loud :)), what the heck does Kosh do behind the shower curtain besides take a shower??? It’s a waste of a shower curtain if it’s not being used for a shower. Strange creatures, those Vorlons.

  3. One comment about show #57 and a request for future shows:

    COMMENT: During the Deep Geeking for =Hunter, Prey= a question arose as to why Kosh would agree to hide Dr. Jacobs in his ship. It seems kinda obvious to me that the all-knowing Vorlon’s understood that Santiago’s assassination was Shadow-related, so helping hide Jacobs (and the evidence he had of Clark’s involvement in the destruction of EarthForce One) would make sense. Preserving the evidence helps expose the Clark administration, helps thwart the Shadows, and helps the Vorlon cause. If I were Kosh, I’d do exactly the same thing. 😉

    REQUEST: Would it be possible to, at the end of each episode, tell which B5 episode would be the subject of the next Deep Geeking? I think I’m speaking for many when I say that I would LOVE the chance to pull a specific episode off the shelf and view it BEFORE listening to y’all analyze the heck out of it. As it is now, I have to rely on my distant memory while you guys dive into the details. I (and others) would likely enjoy the Geeking much more if our memories of the same episode were more recent.


  4. Ken,

    That observation about Kosh makes sense from one perspective, but seeing how he went out of his way to give the appearance that he didn’t care to become directly involved with the younger races, it seems more likely that he did it to help Sheridan, who he’s newly begun “training”. It’s something I thought about afterwards, and I’d rather think of it that way than as some rabbit/hat last-minute solution.

    As for episode geeking, we are going in chronological order, and when we get back into the swing of interviews, we may not be doing a DG segment in the following episode. But we will give some advance notice when we start hitting the movies, and a few more surprise topics that we have in store.

  5. Hi Summer after your comment when watching the episode you said had a hard time seeing Richard Moll as Max you only saw Bull I was reminded of an interview Richard Moll did back some time ago. He was asked if would do a night court reunion movie or show. He said hell no. According to his imdb he has been very busy over the years shedding the Bull personae. Max was like many of the characters he has played. When he auditioned for night court he was coming from another job where he had a shaved head. They wanted him to keep the look for Bull. He didn’t like shaving his head.

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