Declaration of Principles print offer

Okay, first of all, let me apologize for not checking one certain email account on a regular basis. Because this is the spam-infested account that also receives notices from CafePress regarding the Babylon 5 script books.

Why am I apologizing for this? Well, apparently those good folks are running a lottery to win one of 50 prints of the Declaration of Principles, signed by the Great Maker himself. The kicker is that you must register online no later than April 16 – this coming Monday. Here are a few details:

To be in the running for the chance to get a print, just go to and provide your contact information. The form will be available through Monday, April 16.

On Tuesday, April 17 we are going to RANDOMLY draw 50 names using special randomizing software so that everyone has an equal chance. We will then contact the “winners” by email and they will have 48 hours to place their order. Prints will be fulfilled in the exact order that people RSVP and will begin with number 451 through 500.

There are only 2 conditions.

(1) You put your name in only once;
(2) You do not already own a Declaration of Principles print.

Sorry for the late notice, folks.


  1. I may be wrong but my interpretation of the offer is that you are not going to win one of the remaining 50 Declaration of Principals. you only win the chance to buy one of the final 50.

    At $175 I am afraid this is out of my price bracket.

  2. Ah. That’s not how I read it. I’ll have to go back and check it again.

  3. This is the paragraph that lead me to my interpretation:

    To be in the running for the chance to buy a print, use our lottery sign-up form. The form will be available through Monday, April 16 2007.

  4. John is correct.

    The lottery is for the chance to purchase one of the remaining DoP prints.


  5. Indeed. Even the entry form had asked folks to carefully consider the cost assciated with entry.

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