Babylon 5 Books

Okay, I’ve added a list of the existing B5 books and their respective links to the Merchandise page.

To my amazement, fewer of them are out of print than I’d thought, but it still boggles me that 3rd Centauri Prime book and the 2nd Technomage book are both out of print, while the others books in those respective series aren’t. How that happens, I’ll never know.

Anyway, here are the books in the batch that Brad Bowyer “rescued” from some of his local used bookstores:

Voices by John Vornholt (OOP)
Accusations by Lois Tilton (OOP)
Blood Oath by John Vornholt (OOP)
Clark’s Law by Jim Mortimore (OOP) (2 copies)
The Touch of Your Shadow, The Whisper of Your Name by Neil Barrett, Jr (OOP)
Betrayals by S.M. Stirling (OOP)
The Shadow Within by Jeanne Cavelos
Personal Agendas by Al Sarrantonio (OOP)
To Dream in the City of Sorrows by Kathryn Drennan (1 original copy, 1 reprint copy)

In The Beginning by Peter David
Thirdspace by Peter David (OOP)
A Call to Arms by Robert Sheckley (OOP)

Psi Corps trilogy
Dark Genesis: The Birth of the Psi Corps by J. Gregory Keyes
Deadly Relations: Bester Ascendant by J. Gregory Keyes
Final Reckoning: The Fate of Bester by J. Gregory Keyes

Legions of Fire: Centauri Prime trilogy
The Long Night of Centauri Prime by Peter David
Armies of Light and Dark by Peter David
Out of Darkness by Peter David (OOP)

The Passing of the Technomages trilogy
Casting Shadows by Jeanne Cavelos
Summoning Light by Jeanne Cavelos (OOP)
Invoking Darkness by Jeanne Cavelos

And, once I’m able, I plan on dropping by a couple of huge used bookstores here in the Valley, and seeing what stashes of B5 novels I can find to add to our rescue inventory.

So, what’s a good price for the books? $5 plus shipping? I’m really open to suggestions, here.


  1. $5.00 plus shipping sounds good to me. If you need more I can hit the used book stores in Columbus, Ohio to add to the stash!

    I have all the books so I don’t need any 🙂


  2. Sounds more than fair 🙂 For me, shipping will certainly be more than US$5!

    I *really* would love to get my hands on “Out of the Darkness”….

    Adelaide, Australia

  3. As i’m clearing out most of the stuff I own, mine are going. If you have mates in NZ they can buy them from (

  4. I too would love to find a copy of Out of Darkness. Unfortunately I only learned it was out of print after I read the first two books of the trilogy.

  5. Christian says

    I am actively searching for Out of the Darkness too (up in Canada). I almost got one, out of a bargain on Amazon (considering what people are usually asking for that book), but I never received the book– I guess it was too good to be true. So here I start again.

    I will now start looking around used bookstore (there are some big ones around). But I will buy the first decent shape copy of this book I can find. So if any here have an extra copy… let me know. It is going to be a prized possession.

  6. I have an extra copy of Out of the Darkness in EXCELLENT shape that I’m about to put on ebay, but I’m not really an ebay sort of guy so if anyone here is interested, let me know!

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