The Lost Tales available for preorder!

Like waves of protest from the League of Nonaligned Worlds over the extradition of Deathwalker, the emails have been pouring in about this news: Babylon 5: The Lost Tales is available for preorder on Amazon!… it’s already in the Top Ten selling DVD’s on Amazon.


So stop spending your allowances on Dust, and place your order today.


  1. Mine has been pre-ordered, now bring on July 31st…..well bring on 2 weeks after July 31st as it will probably take that long to get to Australia.

  2. Nice DVD box pic, where did you get than from? There’s no image on’s site.

  3. From JMS, at

    I just copied it and used it here, since linking to pictures on other people’s websites directly is a very rude thing to do without permission.

    He probably got it directly from Warner Bros, but it hasn’t filtered out to online retailers yet.

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