Babylon Podcast #63: Interview with Author Jeanne Cavelos

Welcome to Show #63!

Once again, the boys are loose in the studio all by themselves. Michael and Tim Adamec join Tim Callender and Jeffrey Willerth, and we’re still not sure what they’re up to.

The release date for “The Lost Tales, Volume 1” has been announced: July 31, 2007, and is currently available for pre-order! Go order your copy now!! And, Warner Bros may be showing our podcast a little love… we’ll let you know when we know.

Bonus: Tim Callender has a bit of fan fiction appearing in a recent episode of Geek Fu Action Grip. It’s about “Hell”, but also references B5… how can you go wrong?

Jeanne Cavelos

Interview: Tim and Summer chat with SF author Jeanne Cavelos about her contributions to the Babylon 5 universe: the novels “The Shadow Within”, and the Passing of the Technomages trilogy.

She tells us about her approach to writing about the mages when her first impression of them wasn’t the most favorable, and about playing in a universe so lovingly detailed by JMS. She also gives us her insight into Galen’s character, and the changes he went through, leading into “Crusade”.

And it seems like everyone has a crush on the Vorlon…

Listener Feedback: Edmund comments on the Jarsto guest spot, Vorlon bondage sketches, and volunteers to sit in for Tim if ever necessary; Edmund again, commenting on “And Now For A Word…” and the historical references behind the character names.

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