Babylon Podcast Swag

As some of you may have heard during this week’s live feed, FarPoint Media Entertainment has swag available for Slice of SciFi, Wingin’ It, and FarPoint Media, and we’d like to know if you want to see Babylon Podcast Swag.

PodcastJunk is the site with the swag, and we can easily put up polo shirts, hats, mouse pads, and t-shirts, but the jury is still out on what we can do with the football jerseys that won’t get us into any licensing trouble.

They’d be similar to the jersey you see in the store for “The Rookie” (inspired by Scott Sigler’s excellent action adventure podcast spectacle), but Babylon Podcast jerseys would be purple and green, and I think we could safely use the name “Sunbirds” “Sunhawks” for the team. I just don’t know if we can use any Drazi symbology as the team logo that would go on the tops of the shoulders without stirring up and hornets nests. So I’m inquiring about that last bit.

But my question to all of you: would you want to buy this kind of swag, and what else would you want to see that you’d be interested in purchasing?


  1. I think to would be cool to have a jersey! It would make my christmas shopping easier! I could get one for each of my friends – especially the ones that have “BABLON 5” as their vanity plates for the car!

  2. Lowell, be careful. Get some green, some purple, and soon enough you’ll have a fight on your hands.

  3. Tim, I not worried. These are the same people that named a dog Drazi. When they got it, the dog had a purple collar!

  4. I’m not really interested in shirts or hats. I would like mugs, refrigerator magnets, and mousepads with the B5 podcast logo and maybe some space graphics on them. But only if they’re colorful and cheap.

  5. Looks like the magnets, mouse pads, and baseball caps are a Go… I’ll know more next week, but they’ll have the same logo as you see in the album art for the show.

    I’m also still collecting info what what would be and wouldn’t be cool to use for the baseball jerseys. Purple. Green. Go.

    Mugs aren’t going to be an option, alas.

  6. Jani Alegrievski says

    I think the idea of merchandise is great. One can never have to much B5 stuff.

  7. RE: Babylon Podcast Swag…

    Yep, I’d buy a couple of Babylon Podcast shirts if they were available.

  8. Would you want t-shirts with the show’s album art logo on it, say available in white, blue, and black?

    Or did you have something else in mind?

  9. Kurt Von Bosse says

    I would probably go for a shirt in blue. I would have to get a baseball cap in green, no purple, no green – maybe two caps.

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