Claudia Christian releases her memoir

As she mentioned when she appeared on the Babylon Podcast, Claudia Christian has now published her memoir, My Life With Geeks and Freaks. An autographed copy is available from her official website. Unsigned copies can be ordered from Yard Dog Press.

It should be a fun read, but I must point out something that bothers me. The cover’s designer used a font more closely associated with Star Trek. Somebody needs to be shoved out an airlock.


  1. Phil from LI New York says

    LOL, settle down Tim. I order myself a copy, looking foward to reading it.

  2. Not shoved out an airlock, they should be made to listen to Jeffrey’s puns continually for a month on end, that’ll teach ‘m.

  3. PS My autographed copy has been ordered.

  4. Tim! Did you threaten to grab this man by the collar and threaten to throw him out an airlock?

    [chagrined] Yes, I did.

    I’m shocked! Shocked and dismayed.

    [The reporter nods, mollified.]

    May I remind you that we are short on supplies here. We can’t afford to take perfectly good clothing and throw it out into space! Always take the jacket off first — I’ve told you that before!

    Sorry. He meant to say, “stripped naked and thrown out of an airlock”. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

  5. Dave from PA says

    My autographed copy is on order.

  6. sam- my bad. I was so overcome with anger, that i didn’t think. It won’t happen again.

  7. I ordered a copy, too. If it’s anything like her interview on the Babylon Podcast, it should be…interesting. 😀

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