Babylon Podcast #65: Knives (Season 2)

Welcome to Show #65!

Summer and Tim C are joined by Tim A and Mike, and boy, do we miss Jeffrey.

Tim C has a bone to pick with Yard Dog Press: in publishing Claudia Christian’s memoir, they used a ST:TOS font on the cover of her book. Whoopsie. Tim also reads an update on what happened to the Babylon 5 fiction novels that had been set to be published by Mongoose.

About the Babylon Podcast swag: we’ve changed our minds… it’s going to be BASEBALL jerseys, not football jerseys, and YES dammit, you will be able to choose what color jersey you want to wear. I’m putting my foot down on that, because I don’t want to make things too difficult on the people running the shop.

Deep Geeking: This episode revolves around geeking on “Knives”.

We open with Sheridan and Garibaldi decompressing over batting practice, talking about mysterious circumstances in Down Below, and segueway into an apparent threat on Londo after he and Vir share a light musical moment.

We learn much about what’s been happening back on Centauri Prime, with the machinations and consolidations of power within new factions after the previous Emperor’s death, after Londo’s old dueling partner, Urza Jaddo, arrives at B5 begging for help in clearing his name and helping his house survive the political attacks.

Unfortunately for Urza, despite Londo’s rising star, he’s not in a position to help Urza save his position… and desperate men go to desperate measures to protect those they love.

Meanwhile, Sheridan experiences several attacks on his mind while learning the truth about what really happened to Babylon 4 (contrary to the official reports that had been filed). What his hitchhiker was and where it was really from, we may never know, but it won’t be the last time we encounter the time-space rift in Sector 14.

Listener Feedback: Just for the record, the tag is officially spelled “boohkie”, all because Google kept pulling up websites for bookmakers. Make a note of it.

Edmund comments on foreshadowing in dialogue in the show, and he wants baseball jerseys, too; Jarsto has an idea for a companion show to The Babylon Podcast, and doesn’t give us any more info about that; Edmund loved the Tim Earls interview, and comments on elements in B5 that may have been flavored by old school British SF. Tim reads emails from Tracy about Green and Purple jerseys, and potential brawls at conventions; from Matt in Michigan on being unable to workout properly while laughing one’s ass off during The Jarsto Show, and on his search for Jeanne Cavelos’ B5 novels; Colin gives us some info from the novels on what happened to the keeper in the urn, in response to Tim A’s questions; Galen is behind in the shows, but wonders where the Vorlons came from.

Your feedback does matter, and is welcome! You can call, or email us and tell us what you think… and likely hear it played or read on the show. Please try to keep the voicemail comments as brief as possible.

Shameless related begging: Summer’s working to convince any publisher to do an essay collection on Babylon 5. If you’d be interested in buying one if they did do a B5 collection, let Summer know, either here in comments, or over in the Babylon Podcast forums.

There’s a box of Babylon 5 novels sitting here, books that were rescued from unknown fates at used bookstores in his area by Brad from PodCulture. The B5 library collection grows… if you have a request, send it in.

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  1. PURPLE!

  2. GREEN!

  3. Bats?

    Narn Bat Squad?

    And regarding the numbers, may the 4’s be with you. πŸ˜‰

  4. Narn Bat Squad – their first two albums are masterpieces of G’Hangsta rap. But after Ice Q’ube left the group, they pretty much suck Starfury exhaust.

  5. Denis from Canada says

    Baseball vs motorcycles:

    In this show Tim talked about how much he liked the batting cage scenes since he’s a big baseball fan. I remember Tim being critical of the Ninja motorcycle scenes in the first season. Saying that the scenes did not add anything to the show.

    I’m not a big baseball fan (more of a hockey fan, Go Sens Go!), so those batting cage scenes did not mean as much to me. But being a lifelong motorcycle rider, the Ninja motorcycle in season one had the same impact on me that the batting cages scenes had on Tim.

    In fact, since season one was mediocre, seeing the Ninja scenes helped in making me continue to the watch the show. Since I thought it was really cool to see a motorcycle on a SF show. Something you don’t see very often. And no, the flying motorcycles on the BSG show that shall remain nameless, do not count.

    Enjoying the show,

  6. I dunno their 2261 release ‘Kosh smack da Hoes down’ marked a comeback for their career and think they still have som potential.

  7. Ah, yes, the Narn Bat Squad. Obviously, that works for me…

    (Original Member of the NBS)

  8. Tim, expect some voicemails. πŸ˜‰

  9. Denis- I didn’t mean to say the Enterprise should be hauling garbage, I meant it should be hauled away AS gar-

    sorry, wrong show.

    Well, if the Ninja motocycle kept you watching B5, then I suppose no one could complain. πŸ™‚ However, the batting cage scenes were fun locations, showing us how some station personnel unwind while also giving an opportunity for some episode exposition. Indeed, we even get a chance to guage Sheridan’s distress by comparing his batting performance before and after he takes on the unwanted companion.

    Thomas – I must respectfully disagree. The only way NBS is getting any airplay on NTV is because they’ve got a couple of female Centauri dancers in cages. So it worked for Aerosmith. Do we need to sit through it all again?

  10. Take away your geek card summer! Letting people choose is anti-Babylon 5!

  11. Tom, Tom, Tom…

    unlike those we are honoring, this particular endeavor IS a young and growing deep space franchise, so we are all about providing customer satisfaction while keeping down overhead. Which means making life easier for the order procurement staff.

    This is the way it must be, and if it’s really too much for you to bear, there’s always the fingers-ears-hum solution πŸ™‚

  12. This song is for Summer, her being a Purple squad team leader and all. Although I find the whole style of this performance not quite Drazi but rather Centauri, drunk stupor wild, 2 minutes away from becoming one with the Universe. The name of the group is Gogol Bordello. Enjoy (I hope)!

  13. Tom, it’s a simple question about the merch:

    What do [i]you[/i] want?

  14. Did the jerseys happen?

  15. Gary The Great says

    JDV, The jerseys never did materialize.

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