Assimilation 2007

There’s a new con in Orlando this fall. From the press release:

ASSIMILATION, Florida’s Newest Science Fiction Experience, has announced their 2007 guest lineup!

Assimilation 2007 Assimilation has announced the guest lineup for its 2007 science fiction experience in Orlando, Florida. The event will be held at the Radisson Worldgate Resort on, September 29th and 30th (Saturday & Sunday), 2007. The following guests will be on hand for the entire weekend to meet fans and sign autographs:

ETHAN PHILLIPS (“Neelix” from Star Trek: Voyager)
TRACY SCOGGINS (“Capt. Elizabeth Lochley” from Babylon 5)
RICHARD HORVITZ (“Invader Zim” from Invader Zim)
MICHAEL A. STACKPOLE (New York Times Bestselling Author)
GLENDA C. FINKELSTEIN (Acclaimed Local Science Fiction Author)
ROOSTER TEETH PRODUCTIONS (Creators of “Red vs Blue”)

ASSIMILATION 2007 is a weekend long consumer focused show involving science fiction and the related elements of this unique entertainment genre with the intent of creating an exciting, new and memorable fan experience for SciFi fans! It is produced by Green Mustard Productions.

Further information regarding the event can be found at
Information regarding Green Mustard Productions is available at


  1. Neil Ottenstein says

    I didn’t notice it mentioned, but just in case …
    Claudia Christian will be at Shore Leave this July 13-15 (near Baltimore).


  2. Neil Ottenstein says

    Unfortunately, this weekend Claudia Christian notified Shore Leave that she’ll be filming in Belgrade and won’t be able to make it this year.


  3. Neil Ottenstein says

    Believe it or not, Claudia Christian has had a change of schedule and will be making it to Shore Leave after all. It is a first time uncancellation for the convention. It should be fun.


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