More B5 Books

For those who are still looking, I found some of the Jane Killick Season-By-Season guides today.

I’m adding 1 copy of “S2: The Coming of Shadows”, 2 copies of “S3: Point of No Return”, and 1 copy of “S4: No Surrender, No Retreat” to our “book club”. Price will be $7 each plus shipping.

I am working on a shopping cart for the site, so you can just buy the books you need. I wish I could figure out a way to let people list books they’ve rescued in their localities, because I think it might become a bit of a hassle for people to find the books, send them to the studio, and have us send them back out again.

And to the folks who’ve requested copies of the books we found, I don’t have any formal orders yet, nor shipping addresses to figure out how much shipping will cost to send these to you, so go ahead and send that info if you definitely want one of the books available for adoption from our B5 Library.

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