Babylon Podcast #69: Feedbackapalooza

Welcome to Show #69!

Tim and Summer are here, but Jeffrey is in Mexico. We think he’s doing research into how the destruction of the agave crops may impact the world’s tequila supply. Summer also mentions that she has a copy of Claudia Christian’s memoir, sent to the studio by Yard Dog Press.

Michael is also fascinated by the pencil sketch of Claudia included in the memoir, drawn by Douglas Shuler.

This is also an episode where being in the chatroom listening to the live feed pays off. The universe can do funny things from time to time, and this is one of those times. Instead of having a regular show, tonight will be all talk with chatroom regulars.

First up, is Lambo, co-host of The AstroCast, and he tells us how he got into B5, and how his fascination with the story of “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” led him to assert that Sinclair was truly Valen years earlier than the rest of us.

Next, Jan from Denmark defies the late/early hours and joins us in teasing Tim about his phone connection, and shares how he became hooked on B5. He tells us about how the series was aired in Denmark, making it a little more work to get the story in full. He also laments missing out on the con experience so far, and what appealed most to him about the story presented in the show.

Lastly, we talk to frequent commenter Gary from Jacksonville, who we seemingly have inspired to not only record segments to send in to the Babylon Podcast, but maybe to eventually create a podcast of his own.

Gary tells us about he was a hardcore Trek fan and how his hardline stance against any other SF TV franchise was changed by viewing 5am TNT reruns of B5, and how he went online on dialup to gather the episodes he’d missed to see them. Luckily for him, the DVDs came out and he was able to scarf them all. He also tells us about his comic book collecting, his B5 collecting, and a few things in between.

Listener Feedback: Remember, the FarPoint tag is officially spelled “boohkie”, all because Google kept pulling up websites for bookmakers. Make a note of it.

James in Dallas explains his theories on why there’s more than one Zathras, which leads to all sorts of crazy speculation on temporal distortions and duplication of living creatures; Kurt in St George counters Tim’s opinions on “Divided Loyalties”; Edmund phones in a comment about the connections between B5 and events in WWI, WWII, and other historical events; wishes for a History Channel documentary on Babylon 5 like the existing ones for Star Trek and Star Wars. We also intercept a report from Operative Six on the appearance of the alternate personality that we talked to last week, and play a report from Citizen T’jon’s commentary about guests on the show.

Your feedback does matter, and is welcome! You can call us, or email us and tell us what you think… and likely hear it played or read on the show. Please try to keep the voicemail comments as brief as possible.

Shameless related begging: Summer’s working to convince any publisher to do an essay collection on Babylon 5. If you’d be interested in buying one if they did do a B5 collection, let Summer know, either here in comments, or over in the Babylon Podcast forums.

There’s a box of Babylon 5 novels sitting here, books that were rescued from unknown fates at used bookstores in his area by Brad from PodCulture. The B5 library collection grows… if you have a request, send it in.

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  1. Hey, guys. HBO has made the first episode of “John from Cincinnati” available online.

    I think its a must-watch show for any B5 fan! I mean, the first line spoken is “The End is Near”. John is a stranger who appears from the thin air, his last name is Monad, which means “The One”, and yes, he does ask our favorite “What do you want?” question a couple of times. Strange, cryptic words are spoken and strange things happen. See for yourself.

  2. Just wanted to know…did “Kooking with Kosh” make the cut? I didn’t see it in the show notes, and I wanted to make sure it actually made it through when I sent it!

  3. JMS news had a new posting from the usenet rastb5m group:

    Could be interesting, if true!

    From: “”
    Subject: Re: JMS: Silver Surfer movie?
    Date: 6/13/2007 5:50:34 PM >

    View Thread
    (2 messages)

    On Jun 13, 4:32 am, Jan wrote:
    > JMS,
    > Just found this from the LA Times:
    > or
    > Silver Surfer,” Fox has already put a feature spinoff into development that will
    > star the enigmatic Surfer, with J. Michael Straczynski currently crafting the
    > screenplay.>>
    > Anything more you can tell us?

    Not as such…I don’t really know how much I should or shouldn’t say
    on this because I’ve been waiting for the official studio announcement
    and this kind of precedes that…they haven’t told me *not* to comment
    on it, but they haven’t told me that I could, either…so with luck I
    can say more in a few days.

    There’s another little surprise in the imdb listing, btw….


  4. T’Jon – that’s my bad. Sorry!! 🙁 I’ll make sure it’s in the next new show, which will be a couple of weeks from now.

  5. That’s OK…better to space everything out, yes?

  6. T’Jon… uh… yeah… Yeah! That’s it! Space it out! Exactly what I was thinking. I see I can’t sneak anything past the watchful eye of the Narn.

  7. Jan from Denmark says

    Thanks for having me on the show. Though I am from Denmark, I have lived in The Netherlands for almost 20 years. That is where I “found” B5. I checked with a friend in Denmark, and the show has never been on Danish TV. There they had to watch it on Swedish (?) or Gd forbid German TV (dubbed in German – ouch!) – and get it on DVD.

    In the last 2 years time I have presented B5 to a good friend in Denmark, someone I have known for almost 40 years. She claimed to have a poor English language, and with no Danish subtitles on the DVDs I hesitated for some time to do it.
    The first season exists in a version with Swedish subtitles (close to Danish, and she had lived there for a while), so we started with watching a selection from S1.
    She was very enthusiastic and we have now watched the remaining 4 seasons with English subtitles as an aid, and then, of course some talk about the eps.

    My friend is now as avid a B5 fan as I am. Neat for a friend who is approaching 70.

    be seeing’ you

  8. Would that be a red eye or a blue one?

  9. How appropriate that Show #69 was a give-and-take with the fans!

    As Summer would say, Yes, I went there.

    Be seeing you,

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