SciFi Smackdown: Starfuries vs X-Wings

Here’s a special treat for Babylon Podcast listeners, and Babylon 5 fans in general: SciFi Smackdown Episode 5: X-Wings vs Starfuries.

Always a fun discussion between Star Wars and Babylon 5 geeks, and this discussion has an extra added bonus for Babylon Podcast fans: Jarsto’s in the debate on behalf of the Starfuries!

Go listen to the show, and feel free to leave them a comment on the show.

As a teaser, I’ve included a voicemail that Trampas sent in about his experience debating Jarsto… it’s too good to save for a future Babylon Podcast episode.


  1. The site linked to seems to have been hijacked.

    • Aw, craptastic. I forgot that was linked in from this site.

      Scifi Smackdown has been gone for over two years and wasn’t coming back, so we deleted the three associated domains. I guess squatters picked them up.

      We do still have the MP3, so I can get that back online…


  1. […] Babylon Podcast website now has a post about Starfuries vs. X-Wings that includes a voicemail from my opponent, Trampas Whiteman, on the […]

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