Babylon Podcast #72: Matters of Honor (Season 3)

Welcome to Show #72!

Tim, Summer and Jeffrey muse on the imaginative creations that the storylines in Season 3 may inspire, and Jeff is pleased to learn that he’s finally being officially credited as being “Kosh” on the show over at And we are working on having some special guests in the upcoming weeks, so Stay Tuned!

And never doubt the power of the Wiki.

Fancast: EAS Netherlands, Operation Dutch Courage report from Operative #6

Deep Geeking: This week, Tim and Summer talk about the Season 3 opener, “Matters of Honor”, beginning with the stunning spoiler in the opening that showed one Starfury opening fire on another, along with Ivanova’s voiceover “Our last, best hope for peace… it failed,” the new theme and incidental music, the arrival of the White Star, and more.

“Matters of Honor”

One of the biggest immediate changes for Season 3 is the arrival of Marcus, and Babylon 5’s deeper and more open involvement in the proxy struggle between the Vorlons and the Shadows. His arrival marks the first step in direct confrontation against the Shadows, and the start of testing themselves for the larger battles to come.

We also have a representative of Special Intelligence, Mr. Endawi, visiting that station to investigate the Shadow vessel in the video footage Lt Keffer shot before his demise. His inquiries result in a variety of responses, including Londo’s fear of seeing them in a dream, and G’Kar’s description of them from a thousand years ago.

Endawi’s report back to a senator at Earthdome is met with satisfaction by Morden and a Psi Cop, given that his instructions were “to find out what the other races know about the ship.” A secondary plan is also mentioned, which opens a whole second can of worms for us to deal with in Season 4.

“Matters of Honor”

Did Delenn lie about her knowledge of the Shadows and their vessels, or did she just narrowly define the truth for this particular case?

What did you think about the addition of Marcus to the regular crew?

And what are your thoughts on the interior and exterior designs of the White Star? Discuss amongst yourselves and tell us what you think.

Fancast: EAS Netherlands, Report from T’jon

Listener Feedback: Negative results from the Mailbox Report. Check out Jarsto’s performance on SciFi Smackdown Episode 5: X-Wings vs X-Wings, and their voicemail show should be coming up soon.

comments on how Kosh was able to appear differently to all the different races; Kurt weighs in the philosophical and theological theories on why Londo can’t “see” Kosh; Kurt again with a S3 blooper on Londo’s response to what he saw in the garden; Dave from PA submits an audio montage to explain how Jarsto has invaded his brain and won’t go away (it wasnt’t a Jarsto project); asks Jeffery if he has any anecdotes from when Jerry Doyle was campaigning for office, since Kosh is now running for President; Trampas comments on the “Comes the Inquisitor” discussion, and other references in the series to Jack the Ripper.

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Summer would also like to find the long versions of the B5 promos that ran on TNT prior to Season 5, the ones narrated by Keith David… anyone have any old VHS copies of S5 they taped from TNT?

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