Babylon Podcast #73: Convictions (Season 3)

Welcome to Show #73!

Summer has been temporarily assigned to the Babcast embassy on Minbar, so Edmund from Greenville (Number 6) and Tim Adamec join Jeffrey and Tim. Jeffrey announces that he’s been the subject of the shortest “E! True Hollywood Story” episode ever; please let us know if you happen to catch it.

Jeffrey also has his eye on using The Playboy Mansion as the “Kosh for President” headquarters. And we’re still waiting on our copy of “The Lost Tales” so we can tell you all about it!

Deep Geeking: This week, Tim the First One, Edmund, and Tim the Younger engage in DeepGeeking™ on the episode “Convictions”.

What on the surface seems to be a run-of-the-mill mad bomber story reveals deeper themes once the boys dive in. We giggle over the marvelous scenes in the wrecked transport tube between Londo and G’Kar. We discover that this episode provides a springboard to discuss the evolution of Lennier’s character. We enjoy the arrival of Brother Theo and his Dominican brothers on the station, and wish that we had seen more of them throughout the series. Carlson, the episode’s villain manages to transcend stereotype to become, as Tim the Younger says, hyperreal. And Michael Vejar’s camera work adds dynamism to the visuals.

Fan Cast: The Three-Edged Sword Episode 4: “Shifting Currents” — An obvious alliance between the EAS Netherlands and the Narn forces might be undermined by a power play from the Psi Corps. (TS: 37:43-43:10)

Listener Feedback: technical glitches with the Stellarcom system leaves only one voice mail from… Edmund from Greenville. (Poor Trampas – he gets no love from the Three-Edged Sword.) But we have emails to make up for it. Caitlin gives us love and encourages Jeffrey in his conflict with The Duck. Loz in the UK wonders about the changes in Marcus from his introduction in “Matters of Honor” through “Voices of Authority”. Kathy Mary fires off three geek questions; good thing there are geeks on hand to answer. John in Glendale crows over his purchase of B5 DVD sets from Sam’s Club. Isaac Lin comments on Mike’s observation regarding faith and Londo. Mike’s smart! Mike Tuck is jonesing for an interview. Michael O’Hare, pretty please? Tracy Herrick expresses admiration for JMS’ ability to drop the end of the saga at the beginning of the saga. The Harlequin and the Tick-Tock Man finally see eye to eye.

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Summer would also like to find the long versions of the B5 promos that ran on TNT prior to Season 5, the ones narrated by Keith David… anyone have any old VHS copies of S5 they taped from TNT?

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  1. The scenes in the elevator are among my favorite in the entire series!

  2. Valerie Stewart says

    About the books, I too, among the many, want Out of the Darkness badly. Also the Killick season guides. Can send complete address if/when needed, and will pay postage plus.

  3. I have a MINT condition copy of Out Of The Darkness for sale. I can send pix.

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