JMS speaks! (and don’t forget Franke)

Amazon has posted an interview with JMS on its THE LOST TALES page as part of their Amazon Wire podcast. The full interview is linked just above the podcast player. (Click on “listen to the full interview”.)

It’s 12 minutes of teasers for “Lost Tales”, how B5 changed TV, JMS’ favorite sci-fi shows, both US and British, and much more. So, go ahead and click through to Amazon, and if you haven’t done so, pre-order the DVD while you’re there. It’s currently at #8 on the Amazon Sales Rankings and sales will determine whether Warners orders more. (I heard it from JMS himself.)

While you’re there, don’t forget the Christopher Franke Original Score CD. It will be released this coming Tuesday, 7/24/07, a week before the DVD. So you can whet your appetite with the latest tasty segments from the Tangerine Dream maestro.


  1. ChristopherNYC says

    While it was nice to hear from JMS, his six minute interview on podcast does very little good to promote the event of the Lost Tales DVD. JMS genius is in his story telling, something that a choppy six minute interview cannot convey.

    It is really unfortunate that JMS has yet to come on the Babylon Podcast and take the opportunity to properly unveil his newest work. The Lost Tales is in desperate need for quality marketing.

  2. Try the longer 12-minute version which is linked right above the player on the web page (click on ‘listen to the full interview’). I didn’t listen to the cut version, but the full one should be less ‘choppy’.

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