The Babylon Podcast- nominated for four Parsec Awards

Okay, it’s been an exciting year, what with the impending release of The Lost Tales. But this news ups the excitement: The Babylon Podcast has been nominated for four Parsec Awards! We’ve been submitted in the following categories:

  • Best Audio Production
  • Best Fan Podcast
  • Best (Speculative Fiction) News Podcast
  • Best “Infotainment” Cast

Now we need to submit a ten-minute sample of what the Babcast offers, and we need your help. We’re asking you, our loyal listeners, to suggest segments or moments that are representative of what is best about the Babylon Podcast. Please send us your suggestions either via email, phone message, or post here or on the forum. The kicker is, we need to submit our entry no later than July 23rd. Which is this coming Monday.

To quote Lorien, “Tick…tock…”


  1. Snippets of:
    * The standard intro (Summer’s “Welcome back…” + Tim & a typical Jeffrey non-sequitur)
    * Part of an interview with Bruce Boxleitner, Stephen Furst, Pat Tallman, or Peter Jurasik (the most memorable cast ones that come to mind)
    * Part of a Deep Geeking argument, where Summer and Tim agree to disagree – the heated debates are always more fun!
    * Small snippet of the ‘Three-edged Sword’ fancast
    * Listener Feedback intro
    * A Jarsto/Edmund/Gary/T’John voicemail (B5-show relevant or not) with appropriate responses from Summer, Tim and especially Jeffrey
    * Lots of Kosh jokes.

    Sorry that’s not particular enough… but it’ does give a good spread of what the Babylon Podcast contains, and what keeps people listening week after week.

  2. I agree with the interview snippets. Very important. I’d leave off the SnackMan, though, unless it’s a completely non-sequitor comment to display the wackier moments!

    Jarsto and Edmund deserve some time (and credit), if only for their contributions and representation of the fans of the show.

    Setting aside all semblance of modesty, “Cooking with Kosh” might be a good, short example of the fan segments run on the show. It’s a bit easier to follow than the audiodrama bits.

  3. Alas, the rules state that the shows must have aired between May 1 2006 and April 31 2007, that we cannot include more than 3 segments, and that the total length of the samples submission is limited to 10 minutes, give or take a few seconds.

    As much as I would have loved to have included Edmund’s voicemail poking fun at Mike’s timekeeping, alas, after an open, a Deep Geeking, and an interview snippet, I was all out of segments to include.

    I just hope they like them.

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