Babylon Podcast #75: Passing Through Gethsemane (Season 3)

Welcome to Show #75!

Summer, Tim C, Jeffrey and Michael are joined in studio by Tim A, and wonder of wonders, we have Jeffrey in his own studio, on his own microphone setup, and wow!

Jeffrey announces that the Babylon Podcast has been invited to attend an in-store signing in Los Angeles to celebrate the release of “The Lost Tales” DVD, and to also include some of the pomp and circumstance as part of an upcoming show. He will be bringing his camera and talking to the “Lost Tales” cast members.

Special Report: We have a “Lost Tales” DVD teasers!! No spoilers here, unless you count Summer’s descriptions of some of the running jokes in the extras to be spoilers. There will be a Deep Geeking episode about “The Lost Tales” going out as a separate show.

Deep Geeking: This week, Summer, Tim the First One and Tim the Younger dive into Deep Geeking™ for the episode “Passing Through Gethsemane”. Jeffrey said he’d participate, he may again have been stunned by the geeking details.

First, Lyta returns from Vorlon space, and announces that Kosh has requested that she be his assistant and also a liasion for the Vorlons.

Second, a member of Brother Theo’s order is haunted by memories he can’t account for, and events unfold that bring up the questions of what makes a person: their mind, their spirit, or their memories? What are the implications of a “death of personality” as a form of capital punishment?

This episode has one of the deeper theological threads running through it, and we dig into that thread pretty deeply… belief and faith, spirituality and religion, and the nature of forgiveness.

Fan Cast: The Three-Edged Sword Episode 6: “Preparations” (TS: 42:40-47:25)

Listener Feedback: Jeffrey confuses alien monks in burlap with this episode’s monks before we dive into email submissions. Edmund corrects himself about where the Triluminaries came from and how they were distributed throughout time. Tim reads comments from emails and from the forums, and reads the Top Ten Reasons why JMS won’t come on the show for an interview, and Summer reminds folks of JMS’ reasons why; Catelyn comments on growing up without Star Trek being the dominant (or only) SF show on TV to watch; Asana loves the fan fiction being presented here, and wonders where we’ll go once the episodic coverage has been completed.

Tim C recommends David Gerrold’s “The Man Who Folded Himself” as good reading for those interested in the paradoxes of time travel, and we still haven’t figured out how we’re integrating the novels into the Deep Geeking here on the show.

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  1. Voicemails you want?

    Voicemails you’ll get.

  2. Bring it on!

  3. Guys, just a quick note to say thanks for all the work you put into the podcast. I’ve been listening for several months now and have gotten all the old episodes as well. I recently began watching Babylon 5 again, and I see so much more in the episodes when I watch them in conjunction with the podcast. Again, thanks!

  4. Well, this is THE episode that sucked me into B5. I think i caught the first one S1E1 and thought “whatever, not as good as trek”. Recall that this was the early 90s and *all* we had was TNG.

    I happened to catch this ep, at the Brad Dourif monologues and thought, “great, more Deanna Troy psychobable”. But then, no, real dialogue with *soul* and meaning.


    It’s a roller coaster from here in as the arc goes full tilt until the last ep of S4.

    Only when the dvds came out did I start (reluctantly) from S1, and you know the first thing Sinclair talks about is the Battle of the Line and these goosebumps go up on the back of your neck.

    This kind of story where you know the ending and then watch how they got there is strangely very watchable.

    TNG on the other hand has not stood up at all well. Sure there are the odd pearls, but overall it’s had it’s day and that was in the 90s. B5 absolutely kicks Trek’s butt.

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