Babylon Podcast #78: Voices of Babylon

Welcome to Show #78!

Tim is on vacation this week, so Summer and Jeffrey welcome Jarsto as a last-minute fill in, and we all continue with “Lost Tales” celebration month, and remember… there will be spoilers contained in all of the August episodes, so be forwarned. If you want to avoid spoilers, then skip these next few shows until you’re all caught up!

Babylon 5: The Lost Tales

Fan Geeking: Jarsto gives us a little insight into what’s gone into the making of “Three-Edged Sword”, and working with both Edmund and John on crafting the episodes and the overall arcs of the story.

What you’re hearing here on The Babylon Podcast is just a small part of the story… the full audio drama can be heard at Voices of Babylon, so what are you waiting for? Go over and check them out!

Fan Cast: The Three-Edged Sword Episode 9: “The Calm” (TS: 16:30-21:33)

Fan Geeking: Brad tells us how he joined the show, and the work that goes into editing the final product that you, the listeners, will receive over the feed. He also tells us how he’s used “The Lost Tales” to reel in his girlfriend Christina as a new fan of Babylon 5, and the appeal the series has for him, even after all this time.

Listener Feedback: We have voicemails! Bronzethumb in Australia gives a rundown on how he introduces potential new viewers to B5, and wonders about the correlations between B5 and Lord of the Rings; Gary from Jacksonville has a run of voicemails to close out the feedback segment.

Babylon 5 Information Gathering: Can we and should we mount a Babylon 5 propaganda campaign, in order to get sales of The Lost Tales to the point where Warner really really wants to greelight more volumes of TLT? Let us know…

Your feedback does matter, and is welcome! You can call us, or email us and tell us what you think… and likely hear it played or read on the show. Please try to keep the voicemail comments as brief as possible.

Link: Voices of Babylon

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  1. And now let’s see how long it takes for someone to complain that VoB is taking over the show again…

  2. Strange, my iTunes hasn’t downloaded the episode yet.

  3. Terrific show. I loved the video Jeffrey. Can’t wait to see more. What are you using to edit?


  4. Neil Ottenstein says

    The links to the Z-team tributes are just down the page below Show #75.
    Summer, you need to watch them!

    As I mention there, the Z-team videos are just great – they are clips from the show. Listening to the podcast, I think the reference was to the Memorial videos on the DVD and not the comic.


  5. Martin Parrott says

    That video was great, thanks Jeffrey.

    The podcast was great as well.

    Thanks all around for your efforts.

  6. I hang my head in shame. It took me this long to finally “get” the NBS 1! 😉

  7. That’s OK…I was trying to be subtle about it…LOL…

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