Babylon Podcast: Special Edition #3: The Lost Tales Event

Welcome to Special Edition #3!

This is a video treat for you all… Jeffrey attended the West Hollywood Best Buy “The Lost Tales” release event, which featured Bruce Boxleitner, Tracy Scoggins and Peter Woodward promoting the release of the DVD on July 31, and signing DVDs and other keepsakes for fans.

In this first video, Jeffrey interviews the first people in line, including Adam Francis, a former production assistant during the second season, and Robert, who has a rare and collectible B5 item: an original logo design t-shirt that was given out at Comic-Con before production was completed on “The Gathering”.

It’s nice to see other true fans turning out with goodies such as this one!


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  1. The video was a little choppy for me. The content was a lot of fun, and I can see Jeffrey really enjoyed himself.

    I look forward to more video clips from this event. hint,hint

    I love the new FPM tag line,”Audio productions that are magic to your ears.”

  2. Gary: that’s actually the OLD FPM tag line! We don’t use that one anymore, because it’s not just audio we’re doing…

  3. Scott from Kalamazoo says

    What is an M4V file? Is it a Mac format? I can’t play this file on my PC and I’ve got WMP11, Real, Quicktime and DivX with about every codec known to man.

  4. Neil Ottenstein says

    Which versions of quicktime can you use to view this? Are there other players that you can use?



  5. About the video: it should almost certainly work with the latest version of quicktime, I’m not sure about older versions.

    I can’t be sure about most other software, but one thing you can try is opening the file even when the software claims it’s not supported.

    The .m4v format is, as I understand it, reasonably normal MPEG-4 video, but .m4v isn’t the most common filename extension (.m4v is largely an Apple thing, I think).

    I had the problem on Linux that, after downloading, Kaffeine (a frontend for Xine) didn’t show the file as a supported media file. But when I asked to see all files and opened it, it played without a problem.

  6. Jarsto, thanks for the suggestion to try something else. I had downloaded the freeware VLC Media Player from recently in order to see something else and I tried it with that. It worked quite well and looks great.


  7. All this talk and none about the video itself? That shirt was badass!

  8. Yes Chris, Jeffrey’s shirt was nice. Ha ha ha

  9. A little bit of tequila makes you a fashion killah!!!

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