The Next Lost Tales?

Thanks to our friends over at ISN News, we got word of an interview JMS gave to Starburst Magazine in their July issue. The folks over at TrekWeb have a small excerpt here. The whole magazine can be purchased here. For those who don’t feel like clicking through (or spending $10.99), the crucial exchange is this:

Are you thinking about the next stories [for the next DVD] ? Would a Garibaldi story be in the mix if there’s another DVD ?

JMS : Yeah, if we do another one I would definitely put the Garibaldi (Jerry Doyle) story in and probably a Londo (Peter Jurasik). That would be my preference for the next two […].

Now we just await word from Warner Brothers to turn JMS’ “if” into a “when”!


  1. That’s exciting news. The Garabaldi story was a given. JMS said early on it would be coming up. The confirmation of Londo is a nice surprise. I’ve always wanted to see a little more of Londo between being implanted with a keeper, and his demise.

  2. As we all know, one of the qualities of Voices in the Dark was that its two stories seemed more like smaller, contained character pieces. I’m not going to get into what we’ve all discussed already regarding Lochley and the demon and Sheridan and the prince, but I will say this: Londo _definitely_ lends himself to a small character piece, because he and G’Kar were the masters of carrying long scenes with nothing but dialogue and making them some of the best in the series, where in other shows such scenes might have been terribly boring.

  3. Sounds like these next stories will be good ones!

    But didn’t JMS say that the Garibaldi ep was pushed out of the 1st Lost Tales set due to the REALLY heavy CGI/effects work it would require…?

  4. Darren, you are correct. While Jerry Doyle has expressed extreme displeasure at being axed from Vol. 1 at the last minute, I think he’d probably still suit up if offered.

  5. Robert Reppy says:

    I really want to see Lanier in another Lost Tale. I always liked anything about the Rangers, and to me Lanier is the Lancelot of the whole group. What adventures will our intrepid, love-sick knight get himself into? Will unrequited love drive him mad (like trying to kill Sheridan isn’t mad enough!)? Inquiring minds want to know.

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