Babylon Podcast #83: Interview with Keegan Macintosh (Prince Vintari)

Welcome to Show #83!

Summer, Jeffrey, Tim (the first one) and Tim (the younger) open up the show. The opening pretty soon moves two universes over into the realm of the Jedi. Then it goes to Summer’s life as a girl geek. And then to an apology from Jeffrey, for a bad joke he made.

Keegan Macintosh

Interview: Keegan Macintosh (Prince Vintari) joins the Babylon Podcast crew for an interview, “confesses” to listening to the show, and moves straight on to mastering the accent, how he got cast as Vintari, and what David Bowie had to do with it.

The discussion moves on to the “no mercy” atmosphere among the B5 cast on the set, the nature of green-screen work, and the joy of being a Starfury, both while filming and watching it back on the screen.

The “start at season two” B5 recruitment advice leads to a discussion of good television series. Then a brief look back at how Keegan first heard about the role, and a discussion of the potential for more Lost Tales (and more Vintari).

Doug Netter’s (and JMS’s) sense of humor, comparative times spent in makeup for Vintari’s hair versus Galen’s lack of same, the need to be careful with the hair, the convention scene, Keegan’s current lack of website, and possible future parts round out the interview.

Fan Cast: The Three-Edged Sword Episode 13: “Examinations and Recalibrations” (TS: 35:06-44:33) This is the long version of TES that will normally only go out on Voices of Babylon

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  1. Great interview with Keegan, it’s neat to see new actors joining and falling in love with Babylon 5.

  2. Stephen the Singing Centauri says

    Wonderful interview with Keegan– what a great guy!

  3. Andrew Swallow says

    As well as informing fans about th existence of the DVD in the UK we also have the problems of getting to actually stock it.

    The UK nationwide newsagent is one of Britain’s biggest bricks and mortar sellers of DVDs. Their website lists “The Lost Tales” but not the picture. They have a Babylon 5 subsection in their Sci-Fi section but the TLT are not in it. I have not seen the DVD on real shelves.

    These are not the signs of a company taking the DVD seriously, they may not have realized the connection.

  4. GaryTheGreat says

    Andrew WB didn’t take it seriously either.

    Keegan’s interview made for a great show.

    Only one day, and I was already going through Podcast withdrawl.

    I hope next week is on time.

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