Babylon Podcast #90: Point of No Return (Season 3)

Welcome to Show #89 #90!

Show notes: We’re in a terrible rush.

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer talk about “Point of No Return”. Following up right where the previous episode left off, the action and intrigue doesn’t stop. Prophetic visions, political and military manuevering, and a rollicking brawl.

Listener Feedback: We discuss the voicemails and emails you keep sending in. Keep sending them!

Babylon 5 Information Gathering: Can we and should we mount a Babylon 5 propaganda campaign, in order to get sales of The Lost Tales to the point where Warner really really wants to greelight more volumes of TLT? Let us know…

Summer still wants to find the long versions of the B5 promos that ran on TNT prior to Season 5, the ones narrated by Keith David… anyone have any old VHS copies of S5 they taped from TNT? Specifically, the :30 spots, one featuring Ivanova and the other G’Kar… they were part of the series of ads TNT ran promoting the addition of B5 to their lineup.

Your feedback does matter, and is welcome! You can call us, or email us and tell us what you think… and likely hear it played or read on the show. Please try to keep the voicemail comments as brief as possible.

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  1. I find this pretty amusing:

    Babylon Podcast: Show #90
    Welcome to Show #89!
    Show notes: We’re in a terrible rush.

  2. Heh.

    Well, it was true…

  3. pffft 😛 Summer’s never in a rush…

  4. The discussion about the three points where Londo could have avoided disaster was not finished in this podcast. I am going to have to listen to this again but it seemed to me that the first prediction about the ‘eye that couldn’t see’ referred to Londo’s first help from Morden and that valuable Centauri artifact that he had obtained and lost. Am I wrong? I forget what the second prediction was but assume and assumed that it had also happened before.

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