Babylon Podcast Special Edition #4: DragonCon 2007

Welcome to Special Edition #4!

Kurt from The ScapeCast recorded Claudia Christian’s panel at this year’s Dragon*Con, and was kind enough to make it available to share with Babylon Podcast listeners.



  1. Sorry about the smacks early in the recording, I had my mic draped over the back of a chair, and someone decided it made a great handle!

    Hope you like it!

  2. dang it….I tried to clean things up as much as possible…I guess a few things must have slipped past me while editing!

  3. No worries Brad. You should have seen the look I gave that person, especially after it happened the second time!

  4. This was such a delight! Claudia Christian is a beautiful, brilliant, witty woman with the personality/presence as huge and powerful as a Vorlon planet killer, which is probably too much for most TV and movie producers to handle, even these days. The sonic boom alone could knock out male leads and seriously injure supporting cast members. She deserves 2-hour HBO stand up comedy special. Or at the very least an advancing hurricane warning from the Weather channel. Thank you, guys, for another wonderful podcast.

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