Babylon Podcast: Holiday Special 2007

Welcome to our Holiday Special!

Enjoy Part 1 of our look back at this year’s Babylon Podcast.

Happy Holidays to all of our listeners and all Babylon 5 fans everywhere.


  1. Summer, I am unable to play or download anything from 3 edge sword to the holiday special. Is something broken?

  2. Scott,

    Keep trying dude! The ISP that hosts a lot of the FPM shows had a hardware failure that is causing a bottleneck in the bandwidth. Trust me the show IS available and if you keep trying you will be able to get it eventually. You may want to try someplace like iTunes to DL the show. Sometimes they casche a copy of the file so you may be able to get it thru them. Or heck…if you really wanna get it and are still having problems just ping me on Skype (username: PodCulture) and I’ll send you a copy of the file manually.


  3. Got’em!! Thanks Brad!

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