Babylon Podcast #102: Interview with John Warner, Key Grip

Welcome to Show #102!

Yes, we recorded a new Season 3 intro, to lessen the confusion about what we really meant by “it failed”, and since JMS made some exciting announcements at Wondercon 2008, the joke became moot.

(L to R) Jeffrey Willerth, Key Grip John Warner, Gaffer John Smith

Interview: John Warner, Best Boy and Key Grip on Babylon 5, joins us to talk about his time on set, and making sure everyone’s lit correctly and all the cameras move where they need to, and manipulation of the sets.

So head on down to your nearest production, and if it’s safe to get into the studio, go hug a key grip for all that they do.

Then we talk about what you can find in Second Life as far as Babylon Podcast goodies, and traverse a small tangent into Technorama level tech geeking. Fear not, it loops back to B5 related chat at the end.

Your feedback does matter, and is welcome! You can call, or email us and tell us what you think… and likely hear it played or read on the show. Please try to keep the voicemail comments as brief as possible.

Summer is still looking for one more of the long versions of the B5 promos that ran on TNT prior to Season 5, the ones narrated by Keith David… anyone have any old VHS copies of S5 they taped from TNT? Specifically, the :30 spots, one featuring Ivanova and the other G’Kar… they were part of the series of ads TNT ran promoting the addition of B5 to their lineup. We have a copy of the G’Kar one, now we’re holding out that someone out there has the Ivanova one!

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  1. Jhonny from Uppsala says

    Great to hear an interview with a B5’er again. I have missed those : )

    Speaking of interviews, I do hope Jeffery manage to track down Ed Wasser. Or perhaps the Vorlon is afraid of some competition on the show… *nudch nudch*


  2. I’m playing a bit of catchup and am just listening to this podcast today. Looking for that link to the list of top 30 Science Fiction shows. Did I miss it somewhere? This is only my second venture to this website so I’m still not really clear on where things are at just yet.

    Thank you! And…the modern Battlestar Galactica being the #1 Sci Fi show of all time my #()*)(*!! *LOL*

  3. GaryTheGreat says

    Thank you for the interview Jeffrey. I missed them.

  4. sigh can’t get into second life, it’s not compatible with my video card.

  5. For Brokeback Babylon, check this 🙂

  6. John JW Warner says

    Hey Babylon Podcast JW here, Thanks for having me. That was fun. I can’t believe that there are as many folks out there that still care enough to keep listening and get involved. I would be willing to bet that there will be more B5 soon. I’m not trying to leak any secrets or anything, just call it a hunch.

    I will try to get a crew of grips together that will not get the police involved. As hard as that may be.

    Here is to shooting more B5 in the near future. I dig the new Battlestar Galactica too, but it will never compare to B5. One of the things that I really liked about the Lost Tales is that it shows how the technology of today can change the way B5 can look. Just imagine if we were shooting B5 today. Hmmm.

    Thanks to Jeffery, Summer, Tim and everyone putting on the Podcast for bringing me to the show. Good Times Good Times.


  7. You’re more than welcome, JW!

    Make sure you record that get-together for all of us to hear, and definitely raise a glass in honor of more B5 coming into all of our lives.

  8. John JW Warner says

    Record it? We are crashing your pad. We have to check out the nice “new diggs”(I think that was season 3 when we built the new and improved med lab).


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